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5 Best Air Compressors For Cake Decorating (Review) in 2021

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Best Air Compressors For Cake DecoratingI fancy elegantly decorated cakes and pastries, don’t you?. It was when I tried to color; I realized how difficult it is. That is when; I learned that you need things like an airbrush and an air compressor to decorate a cake.

While it might be a business for some, for some others it is a hobby. Nevertheless, it is essential to have the best air compressor for cake decorating if you want to achieve proper results.

Instead of comparing hundreds of air compressors, it is better to go with the best. I have tested quite a few options before compiling this list. I will highlight below the best ones to decorate your cake effortlessly.

I will also highlight a few factors to consider while buying such an air compressor.

Here Are The Best air compressors for Cake Decorating in 2021

1. Master Airbrush Air Compressor

Master Airbrush NEW Quiet Tank Compressor ReviewThe first compressor which I am discussing now comes along with the entire kit. You will not have to buy any accessory separately. The air compressor which comes along with it has a flow rate of 25 L per minute.

The power of the motor is 1/6 HP. The noise output is just 59 DB. It allows you to use the air compressor in any location.

When you look at the working of the air compressor, you can control the pressure using the analog gauge. There is a diaphragm pressure regulator which allows you to get the right pressure quite quickly.

It is lightweight and portable which allows you to carry it along with the entire kit wherever you want. With the pressure rating of 57 psi, it is simple to power the air pressure. It is sturdy in construction and operation which means that you can use it in any weather.

In the kit, you get two air pressures along with 12 different color options. You can use the apparatus for decorating not just cakes but cookies and any other desserts. The versatility and the heavy-duty nature of the air compressor make it a good choice.

Features & Pros:

  • Highly versatile
  • Comes along with the entire kit
  • Can power two airbrushes
  • 57 psi maximum pressure
  • Portable compressor
  • The analog gauge on offer


  • Instructions are limited

2. Cake Boss Decorating Tools Airbrushing Kit

Cake Boss Decorating Tools Airbrushing Kit If you do not want to carry a lot of apparatus along with you for cake decoration, you can consider this option. It is a compact little kit which comes along with the airbrush and the compressor. It consists of a single box and an airbrush so that it is highly portable.

The airbrushes are chrome plated which makes it highly durable. The compressor on offer is of 18 psi. The reason I included it in this list is that it is compact.

When you want to decorate the cake, all you need to do is turn on the compressor and add the color of your choice. Once you do that, the airbrush will be fully functional.

You can use an airbrush along with stencil which means that you can decorate the cake as per your requirement. It offers you three different adjustable levels.

When you look at the accessories which come along with this kit, there is a rubber hose, special nozzle, adapter, instruction booklet, plastic dropper, and the airbrush. Everything you need to decorate the cake with this kit is available.

You will not have to buy any accessory separately. You can use it for decorating not only pastries and a variety of other dessert options. The compact nature of this airbrush kit makes it a winner.

Features & Pros:

  • Highly compact
  • Comes along with accessories
  • Three different adjustable levels
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Highly versatile


  • Vibrates a bit

3. Airbrush Master Airbrushing System Kit

Master Airbrush TC 40T Air Compressor ReviewWith the entire kit being at your disposal and three airbrushes along with a compressor, there is nothing to complain about in this cake decorating kit. There are 12 different food colors which come along with it.

The three airbrushes allow you to customize the decoration as per the need. The compressor can deliver 23 L per minute. It turns on at 45 psi which will enable you to power the air compressor right away.

The air on demand system of the compressor means that when not in use, it will shut down automatically. The compressor is oil-free so that the maintenance is on the lower side. It comes along with the handle.

There is a thermal overload feature which ensures that whenever it is heated, it shuts down on its own. Hence, you don’t need to worry about it damaging itself due to high heat. It allows you to adjust the air pressure precisely which helps you with cake decoration.

It supplies clean air which is an additional advantage. With low noise, you can operate it on any surrounding without any problem.

The three brushes which come along with it are an advantage. You can use it for not just cakes but also pastries and various desserts. The applications are endless. Thus, when looking for a complete kit which enables you to decorate different assets, this is the one which you should buy.

Features & Pros:

  • Consists of 3 airbrushes
  • Comes along with the entire kit
  • Auto shutdown feature
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Heavy duty compressor


  • Airbrush usage instructions are missing

4. PointZero Cake Airbrush Decorating Kit

PointZero Cake Airbrush Decorating KitThe air compressor which I am highlighting now is perfect to power airbrushes. It comes along with the entire kit. The noise generated by the air compressor is pretty less. It is just 55 dB. The low noise means that you can use it in any circumstances.

With 1.0 CFM of flow rate, you can easily use it for decorating the cake. The oil-less design makes sure that the compressor does not require much of maintenance. It houses a motor of 1/5 HP. The weight of the compressor is just 8 lbs. Which makes it highly portable. The analog gauge allows you to control the temperature quickly.

When you look at the accessories, it comes along with three airbrushes and 12 bottles of food color. There are plenty of kits which help you to use the air compressor and the airbrushes for cake decoration.

Even if you’re new to it, it is easy to master the art of airbrushing. Thus, if ease of use is your primary criteria for choosing the best air compressor for cake decorating, it does not get any better than this kit.

Features & Pros:

  • Low noise output
  • Oil-less design
  • Portable compressor
  • The flow rate of 1 CFM
  • An analog gauge on offer


  • The packaging is not satisfactory

If you like cake decorating like me, these are the best air compressor for cake decorating which you can buy. Instead of spending hours finding options which do not work, it is wise to go through my list above.

That will allow you to pick the best air compressors quite easily. I will now highlight some of the factors which you should consider while choosing such an air compressor.

Best Air Compressors For Cake Decorating: Buying Guide

Things which you should consider when buying an air compressor for cake decorating:
It is a good idea to compare a handful of factors before making the buying decision easy. These factors will help you to shortlist the right option without hours of research.

Compressor Pressure:

The compressor pressure is one of the most critical factors which you should consider it. It is a good idea to go with anything above 15 psi. The lower range of the air compressor pressure is suitable for personal use, and the higher range is ideal for commercial use.


It is essential to take into account the portability of the air compressor. When you’re in the cake decorating business, choosing a portable kit is of utmost importance.


Ideally, instead of choosing just a stand-alone air compressor, it wise to select one which comes along with the accessories and airbrushes. It will allow you to have compatible gear right away.


An air compressor for cake decorating does not necessarily mean that it is suitable only for an air compressor. It can help you decorate other desserts and cupcakes quite easily. You have to look at the probable applications before making your buying decision.

With these four factors, it is easy to choose the best air compressor for cake decorating. I will now answer some of the FAQs which consumers usually have while buying one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any airbrush be used for cake decorating?
It is a good idea to choose a dedicated airbrush for cake decorating. Instead of buying any compressor, you can go for the entire kit along with the compressor which ensures that it is highly effective.

Can I use regular food coloring in my airbrush?
No, you should use airbrush food colors which allow you to decorate the cakes efficiently.

Do cake airbrushes always come with the compressor?
Not all cake airbrushes come along with compressors. It is; however, better to choose one which comes along with the compressor. When you do so, you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues.

Thus, if you’re looking for an air compressor for cake decorating, you can go through my list above. It will help you pursue your hobby of cake decorating without putting in hours of research to select the best air compressor for cake decorating.

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