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Top Best CCTV Cameras for Jewelry Shop (Review) in 2021

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Best CCTV Camera for Jewelry ShopA jewelry shop sells expensive items; hence there is a need a high level of security. If you own a jewelry shop, then you need to put plans in place and ensure you have a reliable CCTV system that you can analyze to know the state of your shop security.

I have a jewelry shop where I sell gold, silver, and other precious metals. Losing even one item can lead to a lot of losses. As a way of securing the shop, I had to invest in the right CCTV camera.

It is not easy to locate the right cameras, but I did a lot of research to list for you the best CCTV camera for a jewelry shop. You can be sure of buying the right CCTV camera for the jewelry.

Top 5 best CCTV cameras for jewelry shop in 2021

1. Wansview Wireless Security Camera

Wansview Wireless Security CameraIt is a reliable security camera I have been using in my jewelry shop. With Wi-Fi connectivity, I can easily monitor the activities in the shop from remote locations.

The versatile camera can be applied in different applications such as tracking the pet, the elderly, and nanny camera among other uses. I enjoy the night vision capability because even at night I can still get footage of what is happening in my jewelry shop.

Since I bought the camera, I have achieved peace of mind because I can monitor all suspicious activities in my shop.

With day and night vision, it becomes easy to monitor the state of the shop even in low light conditions. Wide viewing angle makes it very easy to capture different parts of my shop.

It is compatible with all Wi-Fi connections even the fastest 5GHz; it can support. Manual adjustment of the viewing angle allows me to cover all parts of my jewelry shop.

Features & Pros:

  • Easy to set up
  • Day and night vision
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Two-way audio communication


  • Not compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi

2. Amcrest Outdoor PTZ POE Camera

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ POE CameraI had to include the camera in my top picks of the best CCTV camera for the jewelry shop. With functions such as the pan and tilt, i can realize the best view of my shop. Optical zoom makes it possible to capture footage at different times.

Night vision makes it a great camera in my shop. In most cases, burglars prefer taking advantage of the darkness to loot. The security camera comes with night vision making it easy for me to monitor the activity even at night.

The tight connection allows me to install it in any location without worry of water. The low light sensor makes it a great security camera for homes. I can always enjoy monitoring different parts of my shop day and night.

It is a reliable and straightforward security camera which I can recommend to anybody looking forward to realizing high performance. With the cloud-based backup, I can store footage in the cloud conveniently.

Features & Pros:

  • Optical zoom function
  • Enhanced low light capability
  • Day and night capability
  • Secure cloud backup


  • Only one year warranty

3. Reolink 5MP HD Wireless Security

Reolink 5MP HD Wireless Security IP CameraThe wireless security camera offers excellent coverage in my jewelry shop. I do not have to connect cables for it to work. With an easy to use design, it is a reliable security camera I can recommend to you. Dome shape makes it a reliable camera I can install anywhere.

Night vision capability offers me peace of mind at night because I know my premise is covered at all times. With up to 100 feet of night vision, it is a camera that works very well.

SD card recording and remote playback make it easy to assess footage at different times. I even apply the camera to monitor workers in my jewelry shop. When people know they are being controlled, they always work with determination.

It is a CCTV camera you can buy and enhance the performance of workers in your jewelry shop. The inbuilt 3TB hard disc is big enough to guarantee me excellent performance. Since I bought the camera, it has never run out of storage space.

Features & Pros:

  • Night vision viewing
  • SD card recording and remote playback
  • Email notification alert
  • App for remote access


  • No cloud storage

4. EZVIZ Outdoor Security Camera

EZVIZ Outdoor Security Camera SurveillanceIt is an outdoor security camera which I have to list in my top picks of the best CCTV camera for the jewelry shop. With night vision capability, I can monitor the shop all-round the clock. Weatherproof construction makes it a highly reliable camera.

Two-way audio communication uses Alexa’s voice. I can easily communicate back to my shop if something is going wrong. With up to 98 feet of night vision, the camera works very well in assuring me great security.

Dust and water protection design make it long lasting. I bought the camera about a year ago, and it is still working very well. It connects to the Wi-Fi making it easy for me to control it from different locations. Cloud connectivity makes it easy for me to store and retrieve footage at any given time.

Features & Pros:

  • Day and night vision
  • Dust and water protection
  • Easy to sue
  • Cloud storage function


  • Only 98 feet night vision

5. XVIM 8CH HD-TVI Camera

XVIM 8CH HD TVI CameraIt is among my top picks of the CCTV camera for the jewelry shop. I can achieve up to 85 ft night vision. Weatherproof construction makes it highly reliable. I can use the camera to monitor my business even if it is installed in damp areas.

The sturdy construction of the camera makes it highly reliable. I can access the footage from remote locations via phone hence assuring me peace of mind.

Motion detection saves on the storage space. It starts to record when motion has been detected. Easy to install an internal hard drive is highly durable. It keeps on the area due to the motion detection capability.

Features & Pros:

  • Night vision capability
  • Motion detection
  • Remote access via phone
  • 85 feet night vision


  • Only one year warranty

CCTV camera for jewelry shop buying guide

There are different things to consider before you buy a CCTV camera for the jewelry shop. First, the camera should capture all parts of your shop. The footage should be secured to avoid interference with evidence if there is an incident. Here are other tips to consider:

Night vision capability

Your shop should be secure at all times to prevent cases of theft. Install a camera with night vision capability so that you can access footage at all times.

Secure footage storage

You need a camera which can store the footage securely in the cloud. Check on the features before you proceed to buy the camera for your security reasons.

Easy to use

The camera should be easy for you to use. Check on the instruction manual and go for one which has a simple design.


Which is the best CCTV camera for jewelry shop?

I have listed the best cameras above. You can always buy one, and you will be sure of excellent performance.

Are all CCTV cameras for jewelry shop night vision enabled?

Not all of them come with night vision capability. Ensure you check and buy the right camera.

What if my CCTV camera for jewelry shop malfunctions?

You can claim the warranty and access free repair or replacement.

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