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Best Home Security Camera Packages In 2021 – Review

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Best Home Security Camera PackageYour home security is an issue which should be treated with the seriousness it deserves. The advancement in technology has led to the introduction of different gadgets you can apply to make the home secure.

I was wondering on the right devices I can install in my house to enhance the security when I came across several security cameras.

As a way of making work easy for you to secure your home, I have come up with a list of the best home security camera package which can play a significant role in securing your home.

Top 5 best home security camera packages for 2021

1. IHOMEGUARD 1080N Security Camera

IHOMEGUARD 1080N Security CameraI loved the security system package because it has a waterproof and dustproof design. I do not have to worry about damage caused by water or dust. The system is highly reliable; hence it can work very well in securing my home.

Footage can be easily accessed via phone. I can use the app to access different features on my phone after which I can take necessary actions to secure my home. Easy to install design allows me to achieve different parts of my house.

With infrared technology, the camera allows me to access footage for all 24 hours. The systems are highly secured making it easy for me to realize the best performance at all times.

The latest technology standards applied in the camera system make it a package which I can recommend to anybody who would like to realize the best performance.

Features & Pros:

  • Water and dust proof
  • App footage access
  • Easy to install
  • Employs high-security standards


  • Only one year warranty

2. ZOSI 8-Channel 720P CCTV

ZOSI 8 Channel CCTV SecurityIt is a reliable camera system which has an extendable DVR function. With the night vision capability, it allows me to capture footage easily making it among my top camera systems. Both outdoor and indoor functions make it among my highly reliable cameras.

Weatherproof construction will enable me to realize the best performance ever. Extendable DVR allows me to expand it and include as many cameras as I wish. Local and remote access anytime makes it among my highly reliable cameras.

Motion detection and alert feature avail real-time footage to me so that I can take necessary actions and secure the home. The package comes with different cameras, but I have the freedom to customize the different cameras so that I can realize the best coverage in my house. It is a reliable camera system I can recommend to you so that you can achieve the best coverage ever.

Features & Pros:

  • Extendable DVR
  • Local and remote access
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Customizable cameras


  • No hard drive included

3. Zclever 16 Channel Security Camera

Zclever 16 Channel Security CameraIt is among my best home security camera package which comes with up to 16 channel hybrid cameras. With up to 2TB of storage, I have enough space to store footage.

Night and day vision capability makes the camera highly reliable. Reliable remote control monitoring allows me to control the camera quickly. The home security system can work well under different conditions such as villas, offices, and shops.

Customizable motion detection allows me to capture different types of footage. I can easily access footage on mobile apps making it a highly reliable camera system. There is no worry about what is happening around my home. The security system allows me to keep an eye on different parts of my house. Even when traveling, I can access the footage online and stay with peace of mind.

Features & Pros:

  • Reliable remote monitoring
  • Supports night vision
  • 2TB hard drive
  • Supports app viewing


  • Only one year warranty

4. ANNKE Security Camera System

ANNKE Security Camera SystemThe security camera comes in a package of four cameras. With features such as the trigger email alert, I can always stay at the top of my home security. Easy remote view allows me to keep an eye on what is happening at home when I’m not around.

The images captured are crisp clear making it among my best camera packages. Use of advanced video compression technology saves on the storage space.

Customized motion detection makes it a great addition to my security devices. Quick remote access allows me to access footage from different locations.

With the use of the app, I can access footage from any location. Since I bought the camera system, it has helped me enhance the security of my home greatly. It is a weatherproof camera system which works very well in securing my house. I have been using it for long, and still, it works very well.

Features & Pros:

  • Clear and smooth footage
  • Advanced video compression technology
  • Customized motion detection
  • Quick remote access


  • Only two years warranty

5. TMEZON 8CH Security Camera

TMEZON 8CH Security CameraIt is a wireless security camera package which I had to include in my top security cameras. It is highly reliable as it works with a combination of eight cameras. I usually use the camera indoors as well as outdoors. Secure remote access feature makes it a reliable camera.

I can recommend to anybody looking to realize high performance. The motion detection area is easy to customize. I can set it to capture motion at different ranges.

It is easy to use the system which works on a plug and play design. Infrared technology used in the camera makes it my top picks. It works very well. I have been applying mine, and it is still intact.

The quality of motion captured is up to standards making it a great camera system to buy. With one terabyte storage space it works very well in securing my home.

Features & Pros:

  • Wi-Fi wireless security camera
  • Customizable motion detection
  • True plug and play
  • Easy remote access


  • No cloud storage option

Home security camera package buying guide

You need to check on the features of the security cameras so that you can be sure of buying the best. For instance, if you have several rooms you would like to cover, then you need to look for a security camera which can accommodate the different places. Here are other factors to take into consideration:

Number of cameras

The various home security camera packages come with different pieces. To cover all parts of your home, you need a cameras system which has enough pieces to secure your home.

Night vision capability

There are some cameras which come with night vision capabilities. You can quickly capture footage at night if you can buy such type of cameras. I have listed the best camera system you can buy to realize high performance above.

Video compression

To store footage while saving on the storage space, you need a package which comes with footage compression technology.


Which is the best home security camera package?
I have done a lot of research to list for you the right packages above. You will be sure of high performance if you can buy one of my top recommendations above.

Which is the most durable home security camera package?
I have researched to avail to you the most reliable and durable cameras above. Buy one of them, and you will realize high performance in the process.

Do all home security camera packages come with cloud-based storage?
Not all of them can support cloud storage, check our top picks to locate the right device for your home security.

Best Security Camera for Homes Reviews

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