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Best Lawn Mowers for Buffalo (To buy in 2021)

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Do you have buffalo grass on your lawn? If yes, then you may be searching for the best lawn mower for buffalo. I had to do a lot of research before locating the perfect mower for the job.

Buffalo grass is low growing, and it needs a mower which allows adjusting of heights. The lawn mowers I’m going to share with you in this article enables easy adjustment of cutting height so that you can achieve the perfect cut on the buffalo grass.

If you can take good care of the buffalo grass, the grass will improve the look of your outdoors significantly. They offer complete coverage on the ground making the lawn stay green. Here I’m going to share with you my findings on the best lawn mower for buffalo.

Top 5 Best Lawn Mowers for Buffalo in 2021

1. Husqvarna HU800AWDSelf-Propelled Mower

It is a lawn mower which operates on a Honda engine. The powerful engine delivers enough power to make the mowing experience easy. I can achieve up to 22-inch cutting width. Three in one function allows me to perform different operation on the buffalo grass.

It is a mower I can recommend to you if you intend to realize great success when it comes to taking good care of your lawn covered with buffalo grass. All-wheel drive makes it easy to mow on rough terrain. For big yards, check it out lawn mower for big yards.

Auto walk behind feature even makes my work easy because I do not have to struggle to overcome obstacles as I mow. Ball bearing wheels make it easy to drive the lawn mower around. Three position handle height adjustments accommodate different people.

Features & Pros:

  • Powerful Honda 190 cc engine
  • 22-inch cutting deck
  • Auto walk feature
  • Ball bearing wheels


  • Gas emissions

2. Worx WG779 40V Cordless Lawn Mower review

The 14-inch cordless lawn mower is among my best lawn mower for buffalo. I can perform different functions such as mulching and bagging. Before I bought the lawn mower, I had to do some research.

It is a powerful lawn mower which works very well on the buffalo grass. Use of two batteries prolongs the run time. I have a small yard, and it works very well in cutting the grass. The mower is ideal for those who would not like to experience the emission associated with gas-powered models.

Intelligent cutting technology allows delivery of power to the blades as per the hardness of the grass.

Foam padded handles allow me to enjoy a comfortable grip on the lawnmower at all times. Single lever cutting height adjustment allows me to adjust the height until I realize the best when cutting on the buffalo grass. Power battery indicators allow for easy charging and to note when it is time to start recharging the batteries.

Features & Pros:

  • Two batters for extended use
  • Intelligent cutting technology
  • Foam padded handles
  • Single lever adjustments


  • Requires regular recharging

3. Snapper MAX Electric Cordless 19-Inch Lawnmower review

I enjoy up to 45 minutes of run time. Considering my lawn is small, it is a perfect mower I have been using. I can recommend it to anybody who would like to achieve the best when cutting buffalo grass. 19-inch steel mowing deck is powerful enough to deliver the necessary power I need to realize the best results. Smart and efficient load sensing technology makes the mower very efficient.

Push buttons tart makes the whole process of starting the unit simple. The compact and vertical design of the lawn mower allows for easy storage. There is a general feeling of comfort and control when I’m handling the lawn mower. It works very well when cutting buffalo grass.

Features & Pros:

  • 45 minutes run time
  • 19-inch cutting deck
  • Smart load sensing technology
  • Push button start


  • Requires recharging

4. Snapper MAX Electric Cordless 21-Inch Lawnmower review

The 21-inch lawn mower is more like the above model. The only difference is that it comes in a 21-inch cutting deck which is wider hence speeding up the process of cutting buffalo grass. I had to try the model because I wanted a unit which can speed up the grass cutting process.

The lawn mower is powerful enough as it features different durable parts. Smart load sensing technology delivers just enough power to the blades as required.

Push button start and the single lever design make it a highly reliable lawn mower. With the seven position cutting height adjustment, I can adjust until I achieve the perfect cutting height for the buffalo grass. The lawn mower features rapid charger technology which speeds up my charging time.

Features & Pros:

  • 21-inch steel deck
  • Smart and efficient load sensing technology
  • Rapid battery charger
  • Seven position height adjustments


  • Only 45 minutes run time

5. Greenworks PRO 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower review

It is another excellent lawn mower which works very well in cutting buffalo grass. I had to include the mower in my top picks of the best lawn mower for Buffalo due to its design.

It features a powerful 80 V battery which delivers enough power to allow me to work on the grass for extended periods. Smart cut technology provides enough power to the bales according to the demand.

With the 21-inch cutting deck, I can accomplish the mowing process very fast. Three in one design of the lawn mower make it highly durable and effective in cutting grass. It can perform functions such as side discharge, mulching, and rear discharge. You can also read the best lawn mower for commercial use.

Features & Pros:

  • 60 minutes run time
  • Smart cut technology
  • 21-inch cutting deck
  • Three in one design


  • Battery not included

Lawnmower for the buffalo buying guide

There are different factors to consider so that you can buy the right lawn mower for the grass. First, take into consideration the characteristics of the buffalo grass. The grass is short hence requires an adjustable cutting blade lawn mower. Here are other issues to take into account:

Easy to use the lawn mower

You need a lawn mower which you can easily use. It is upon you to compare the different models I have listed above and go for one which is easy to use. A model such as Green Works is very reliable.

The durability of the lawn mower

You need a highly reliable lawn mower to achieve great success when cutting grass. Check on the materials used to make the steel deck from where you can know whether it is highly durable.

The slope of your lawn

You may have buffalo grass on a steep lawn, in such a case you need a lawn mower which is stable.

Lawnmower for buffalo FAQs

Where can I buy the right lawn mower for buffalo?
We offer the right recommendations above. If you are trying to locate the right place where you can buy the units, then you need to follow my recommendation.

Are all lawn mower for buffalo made equal?
They are not made equal. You can find some who work on electricity while others are gas powered. Electric models avoid the issue of gas emissions.

Can I save money when buying a lawn mower for buffalo?
You can save a lot if you follow my recommendations. I recommend the right models which can work well in cutting buffalo grass. The models are also priced reasonably online.

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