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5 Best Lawn Mower for Cutting Edges (Guide for 2021)

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Best Lawn Mower for Cutting EdgesShouldn’t every home have a lawn mower? They’re convenient, easy to use and most importantly; met the task done in an economical manner.

There are many good lawn mower models currently being retailed in the market and it’s no surprise that home owners often get confused on which brand to settle for. After working at a landscaping agency for three years, I have used all bestselling lawn mowers.

In life, we learn new things every day. Today, I will be reviewing the ones that I enjoyed using. Hopefully, you will be in a better position to choose the best lawn mower for cutting edges.

Best Lawn Mowers for Cutting Edges in 2021

1. Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc

Honda HRR216K9VKA Variable Speed Self Propelled Gas MowerWith its specially crafted MicroCut blade, the Honda HRX217K5VKA is able to give neat cuts even along the edges of a yard.

Unlike conventional lawn mowers that run on two blades, it has four blades getting to all the hard-to-reach places.

Perhaps most home owners love it as there’s less clean up thereafter. The four blades cut clippings into even finer pieces ensuring that you can carry more grass cuttings in the provided carry bag at a go. The only shortcoming of this lawn mower is that its noisier than most gas lawn mowers (runs at 97 dB)

Features & Pros:

  • Powerful rear-drive engine
  • Rear-mounted clippings bag improves traction
  • Four MicroCut blades for fine cuts on edges
  • 7-level adjustable cutting height
  • Reduced cuttings clumping and clean up.


  • Nosier than other small lawn mowers

2. Troy-Bilt TB220 lawn

Troy Bilt TB22 lawn mowerEven though this is a budget lawn mower, it still offers a lot of value. Its front-wheel drive engine is powerful enough to push it through mild slopes even on wet grass making it ideal for cutting along the edges.

In addition to being easy to navigate around obstacles such as flower beds, it’s also easy to start. You will rarely have to pull the recoil starter twice to get it started. Thee detachable blade’s handle makes cleaning up this best lawn mower for cutting edges a breeze.

Simply disengage the blades locking mechanism and spray the underside with a powerful jet from a hosepipe. Grass clippings used to cumulatively collect on the underside over time on most lawn mowers but with the Troy-Bilt TB220, removing them is effortless.

Features & Pros:

  • Affordable price tag
  • Wide 21-inch cutting deck
  • all wheels adjustable on a single lever.
  • Front-wheel self-propelled drive ideal to flat terrains
  • Detachable chute facilitates mulching


  • The un-padded handle is uncomfortable to work with

3. Craftsman 37430 lawn 

Craftsman 37430 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower reviewTraditional gas-powered lawn mowers were costly to maintain as they required frequent servicing and oil changes.

Thanks to its innovative design, the Craftsman 37430’s engine is oil efficient and doesn’t need regular servicing. You’re only required to top up the oil when it falls below certain levels.

It also has an easy to clean underside: Point a hose and that’s it. The front drive 140cc engine ensures that it corners effectively even at higher speeds. However, the detachable handle isn’t padded. You have to wear gloves when operating this mower lest you end up with chaffing or (worse) painful blisters.

It’s a reliable lawn mower thanks to its efficient push to start button.

Features & Pros:

  • Easy to clean up there after
  • Powerful 140 cc front self-driving engine
  • Easy servicing and oil top up
  • Relatively quiet compared to other 140 cc mowers
  • Gives neat cuts on flat ground


  • Unpadded handle causes fatigue and chafing

4. Poulan Pro 961420128 PR675AWD

Poulan Pro PR500N21SH lawn mowerOn top of having 9 distinct cutting levels, this mower is all-wheel drive. What more could you ask for from the best lawn mower for cutting edges? The Poulan Pro PR675AWD means serious business.

With its all-wheel drive transmission system, it will never lose traction even along the slanting edges of a yard. This lawn mower will give you the best bang for your buck when you’re looking for one that’s versatile on all terrains.

With its high cutting height, it will effortlessly mow through tough grasses even on slanting terrains. The 22-inch-wide cutting deck ensures that you get more grass mowed in a shorter time. All wheels can be adjusted simultaneously from a single lever giving even cuts.

The only drawback when using it is that the bagging can only carry 1.8 bushes of grass clippings at a time and you will have to empty it multiple times.

Features & Pros:

  • All-wheel drive self-driving system
  • Cuts tall grasses effortlessly
  • Powerful engine that’s suited for uneven terrains
  • A large 22-inch-wide cutting deck
  • Quite versatile even on different terrains


  • The 1.8-bushel bag needs frequent emptying

5. Lawn-Boy 17734 lawn mower

Lawn Boy 17734 lawn mowerThe best lawn mower for cutting edges should be economical on fuel and this is where the Lawn-Boy 17734 stands out. Even though the electric push to start mechanism rarely fails, there’s a pull to start starter too.

This rear-drive mower has its transmission hooked to its large (11 inch) rear wheels for even greater traction. With its 150cc engine, it will mash through all grasses and twigs crossing its 21-inch cutter deck. How is it suited for mowing along the edges of a yard?

You will rarely have to empty its three cubic feet baggage unless you have a yard that’s more than a quarter acre.

It also has a unique dark-green paint coat that seamlessly blends with the grass; perhaps insinuating that it’s eco-friendly

Features & Pros:

  • Large 3 cubic foot bag
  • 21-inch-wide cutting deck
  • Rear wheel transmission
  • Large 11 Inch rear wheel for improved traction
  • Electric start switch


  • The 150cc engine is unsuitable for slopping grounds

Best Lawn Mower for Cutting Edges – Buying guide

Considerations to be made when choosing a lawn mower

Price tag

How much are you willing to spend on a mower? It is generally believed that you get what you pay for but when it comes to purchasing a lawn mower, there are exceptions to this rule.

Looking at the Troy-Bilt TB220 for example, you will notice that it handles better than a few high-end models. You can get a budget mower for around $130 but the top performing models have $200 (and higher) price tags.

How the mower discharges grass cuttings

Budget lawn mowers throw clippings back to the grass and you have to rake up thereafter. Intermediary mowers throw them into a clippings bag instead while mulching lawn mowers cut the grass clippings into eve finer particles before spreading them onto the grass. In most lawn mowers, you can adjust the discharge mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the cutting width important?

The cutting deck width, is the maximum width of grass that the lawn mower can cut at any given time. With a wider deck, you’re able to cut a wider area at a go missing on the number of trips you’ll need to make to clear the whole yard

What is the ideal bag capacity?

Most lawn mowers have clipping bags that hold from 1.8 to 2.2 bushels of grass cuttings at a time. A larger clipping bag increases traction especially on rear wheel drive self-propelled motors as it “forces” the wheels to sit stably on the ground. However, emptying the bag may be a challenge.


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