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Best Lawn Mower For Cutting Long Grass in 2021

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Best Lawn Mower For Cutting Long GrassHave you ever wondered why most people prefer to purchase lawn mowers yet they could outsource this task? People buy lawn mowers for many reasons.

The first, to be honest, is pride. There’s something ego-alleviating in being the one to cut the grass on your lawn. It shows that you’re independent and occasionally “get your hands dirty”.

Again, don’t you agree that spending lazy Sunday evenings mowing the lawn isn’t a bad use of your time either way? In the long run, you save money by buying a lawn mower.

Irrespective of whatever forces that push us to buy a lawn mower; one thing is certain: Grass sometimes grows out of hand and you will inevitably need the best lawn mower for cutting long grass. This guide is for the contemporary home owner who’s looking for a lawn mower to buy but confused on the exact model to settle for.

Best Lawn Mowers For Cutting Long Grass To use in 2021

1. Snapper P2185020 / 7800980 lawn mower

Snapper RP2185020 Lawn Mower reviewFrom the day this brand crafted their first ever lawn mower in 2014, they have been designing powerful lawn mowers ever since.

Their latest innovation, the Snapper P2185020 is powered by the award-winning Brags and Stratton engine that’s so economical on fuel that it will mow half an acre of a yard with a gallon of gas.

On top of its gas tank, there’s a patented “Fresh Start” device that’s filled with fuel preservative. Drop by drop, this device slowly drip feeds a concentrated fuel preservative into the gas tank ensuring that the mower always runs on clean gas.

Running at a maximum speed of 4miles an hour, the Snapper P2185020 is a quick cutter. However, it isn’t great in cornering as the Husqvarna below. This will be the best lawn mower for cutting long grass as long as you’re not making tight turns

Features & Pros:

  • Powerful Briggs engine (never fails to start)
  • Rear wheel transmission for traction
  • Side discharge included
  • Facilitates mulching
  • Easy cutting height adjustment


  • Not great in small spaces

2. Husqvarna HU800AWDH lawn mower

Husqvarna HU800AWDH Self Propelled Mower reviewCan you expect anything short of perfect cuts from a 190cc, all-wheel drive lawn mower? Of course not. The Husqvarna HU800AWDH is the ultimate all-terrain lawn mower. It won’t lose traction even on muddy grasses.

The 22-inch cutting deck is wide enough ensuring that you use fewer trips when mowing yards. Its powder-coated sturdy frame is cast from mild steel ensuring that it will (possibly) outlive the engine’s lifespan.

Even when mowing large uneven, sloping yards, I noticed that this lawn mower was easy to use and fatigue was unheard of.

Features & Pros:

  • Perfect cuts with a 3,000 RPM engine
  • All-wheel drive
  • Self-driving capabilities
  • Wide 22 inches cutting deck
  • Improved traction on moist grass


  • Premium price tag

3. Honda HRX217K5VKA lawn mower

Honda HRR216K9VKA Variable Speed Self Propelled Gas MowerAre you looking for an agile lawn mower that will make cutting through large areas a breeze? Honda Engines have earned themselves a good name in the motorcycle industry ad their bestselling lawn mower model, the Honda HRX217K5VKA is powered by a powerful 190 cc engine.

With a unique style of double blades, it will give your lawn a nice, even cut. Ask any landscaper what they love about Honda lawn mowers and they will never fail to mention that they have reliable engines.

When using it to mow through wet grass, I noticed that this lawn mower was easy to clean up thereafter. Dry leaves and grass cuttings never clumped up on the underside – almost as if it had a Teflon coating.

Features & Pros:

  • Easy to open fuel cap
  • Self-driving lawn mower
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Efficient Micro Cut blades
  • Powerful 190 cc engine


  • Uncomfortable height adjustment lever

4. Craftsman 37430 lawn mower

Craftsman 37430 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower reviewWhen buying lawn mowers, I prefer getting them from popular brands as they offer greater reliability. The Craftsman 37430 gave me a great first impression.

It’s designed in such a way that the 21-inch-wide deck extends over the front wheels, perhaps for higher precision cuts. The rear mounted 140 cc Engine can output a maximum of 7 pounds of torque.

This is enough to mash twigs and even small branches. You can adjust the cutting height from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches in six adjustments.

Features & Pros:

  • Fuel-economical push mower
  • 140 cc Briggs engine
  • Large 11-inch rear wheels
  • Six-step height adjustment lever
  • Durable spark plugs


  • It is cumbersome pushing this lawn mower

5. Troy-Bilt TB22 lawn mower

Troy Bilt TB22 lawn mowerI love self-propelling lawn mowers such as this one as they are easier to handle. Trimming gas with them isn’t a manually demanding task.

Just like all the other self-propelled lawn mowers I have talked about, the Troy-Bilt TB22 has a 160 CC Briggs engine too. Compared to other similar size lawn mowers, it doesn’t have as such traction as it’s a front wheel drive lawn mower.

With its heat-treated blade, it will deliver clean cuts in a single pass. Even though this is an entry level lawn mower, it still has mulching and bagging capabilities. On its current price tag, it’s a steal.

Features & Pros:

  • 160 cc front wheel drive engine
  • Self-propelling lawn mower
  • 21-inch cutting deck
  • Clean cuts on a single pass
  • Two height adjustment levers
  • Large rear wheel


  • Loses traction when mowing moist grass

Buying Guide:

Features you should look for when buying the best lawn mower for cutting long grass

1. Push, self-propelling riding or reel mowers?

Just as the name implies, reel lawn mowers have a weighted reel and are manually pulled using muscle power. They are the least favorite due to the amount of manual input required. Technically, they aren’t lawn mowers but are mechanical blades.

Push lawn mowers have an engine rotating the blades on the underside but need to be pushed (and at times) pulled around. Self-propelling lawn mowers will auto accelerate forward and backwards. The operator is only required to adjust the speed and make corners. Riding lawn mowers are the most desirable (and expensive). The operator drives it like a tractor.

2. Budget

Lawn mower prices go hand in hand with the features they boast. Fancier riding lawn mowers have a $1000 plus price tag whereas push lawn mowers range in the $150 to $100 price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right cc for a self-propelling lawn mower?

Typical push and self-propelled lawn mowers have 140cc to 190 cc engines. A higher CC engine indicates that the lawn mower has a powerful engine. The cc is inversely proportional to how much fuel the engine uses.

Larger engines perform better when mowing in tougher conditions. The best lawn mower for cutting long grass should have an engine carrying capacity size of 130 or more

What lawn mower size is appropriate for trimming an acre of grass?

Even though an 18-inch cutting lawn mower will comfortably trim a small yard, home owners prefer lawn mowers with wider decks as they can even be used to mow an acre of grass in under three hours.

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