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Best Lawn Mower for Cutting Wet Grass in 2021

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Best Lawn Mower for Cutting Wet GrassI was looking for the best lawn mower for cutting wet grass when I came across several models. It is hectic when trying to locate the right lawn mower for damp grass.

I thought of corded lawn mowers, and I was a bit afraid of running extension wires on the wet grass. It seems risky. After carrying out research, I finally landed on the best lawn mowers for the job. Some of the lawn mowers I tested them after buying.

Others I had to hire and prove. It is a long process; hence I would like you to save time and buying the right lawn mower to cut wet grass. You should not be stressed on the Best lawn mower for cutting wet grass.

Do you know what it takes to have the right lawn mower for green which is wet? You should not worry because below I have done the research to list for you the best lawn mowers you can use on wet grass.

Top 5 Best lawn mowers for cutting wet grass

1. BLACK+DECKER BEMW472ES Electric Mower

BLACKDECKER BEMW482ES Electric Mower LawnIt is a lawn mower I love due to its maneuverability. When cutting wet grass, the lawn mower tends to slide especially on the sloppy ground. With a lawnmower designed to achieve a high level of maneuverability, I can easily cut grass without any stress.

The lawnmower has an excellent design which makes my work very easy. Blades are winged which offer exceptional clipping. Push button start makes my job easy as I cut grass.

Six height adjustments make it very easy to work with the lawn mower. 10 amp motor and the rugged wheels make the lawn mower perform significantly. I can’t regret buying this lawn mower.

It is a lawn mower I can recommend to anybody who would like to realize great success when cutting grass.

Features & Pros:

  • Easy to drive
  • Better clipping collection
  • Push button start
  • Six height adjustments


  • Only 15-inch wide deck

2. Worx WG779 40V Lawn Mower

Worx WG779 40V 4.0AH Cordless Lawn MowerI was attracted to buying this lawn mower due to factors such as its mulching capability. It performed several functions which save me money because I do not have to buy more tools to make my lawn stand out.

Intelligent cut technology used in the lawn mower senses when more power is required hence making the lawn mower achieve excellent performance. Dual charge ensures the charging time is short; therefore minimizing on time is taken to charge. With two batteries it stores enough power to tackle big projects.

Foam padded wheels offer great comfort as I move the lawn mower on rough terrain. Single lever adjustments make the work easy when I’m trying to achieve the perfect grass cutting.

The lawnmower speeds up my lawn care process. It is environmentally friendly due to the use of the battery, unlike gas models.

Features & Pros:

  • Uses two batters
  • Intelligent cut technology
  • Foam padded handles
  • Single lever adjustments


  • Needs recharging after use

3. Greenworks 14-Inch Lawn Mower

Greenworks 20 Inch Corded Lawn Mower 25022I opted to buy the lawn mower because it is a cordless unit. There is no struggle in moving cords over the lawn. With a 14 inch deck, it is ideal for my small yard. It is versatile lawn mower which performs functions such as bagging and mulching.

Single lever with five-position adjustments makes me cut grass at the best height. Easy to use design has made most of my family members love the job of cutting grass. I recommend it to anybody with a lawn.

Features & Pros:

  • Efficient 40V lithium battery
  • 2 in 1 feature
  • Single level cutting height adjustments
  • Lightweight


  • Only suitable for small lawns

4. WORX WG774 Intellicut 56V Lawn Mower

Worx WG779 40V 4.0AH Cordless Lawn MowerIt is a powerful lawn mower with steel cutting deck. I was looking for a powerful lawn mower with mulching capability when I came across the unit.

With two removable batteries, I can quickly charge it and work on my lawn to perfection. One touch fully collapsible handle makes it easy to store.

It is a small lawn mower which is ideal for small storage spaces. Under deck, cleaning is effortless. Quick single lever cutting height makes the lawn mower very easy to operate. I love the fact that the battery indicator warns me when it is time to recharge.

Features & Pros:

  • Steel cutting deck
  • Two removable batteries
  • Intelligent cutting technology
  • Battery level indicator


  • Does not support the bagging option

5. Worx WG744.9 Cordless Lawn Mower review

Worx WG744.9 Cordless Lawn Mower reviewThe lawn mower comes with an intelligent cutting process where it senses where the grass is tough, and it adds power to the blades.

Dual 20 v power module batteries make the lawn mower achieve excellent performance. Premium 2 in 1 design performs functions such as bagging and discharge.

Grass bag has a full indicator which allows me to know when it is time to empty the bag. It is a powerful lawn mower which can cut up to one eight of an acre in a single charge.

Features & Pros:

  • Intelligent cutting technology
  • 2 in 1 design
  • Cutting height adjustment
  • Glass bag indicator


  • Needs frequent recharging

The best lawn mower for cutting wet grass buying guide

Here are some of the tips to apply so that you can buy the right lawn mower:


To purchase the right lawn mower, you need to check on the price. If your budget is limited, then compare our top picks above before buying.

2 in 1 function

There are some models which combine several features in the lawn mower. For example, it can perform mulching and bagging capability. Buying such a lawn mower saves you money.

Durable lawn mower

For exceptional performance, you need a lawn mower which is made out of durable parts.

The best lawn mower for cutting wet grass FAQs

Which is the right lawn mower for cutting damp grass?
We have listed the best models above. Buy one of them, and you will enjoy the lawn maintenance process.

Are all lawn mower for cutting wet grass made equal?
No, there are others which are of high quality than others. Above we have selected the best for you to buy.

How can I know I’m about to buy the right lawn mower for cutting wet grass?
Read customers reviews and check our top recommendations. With our research, you will never go wrong.

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