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Best Lawn Mowers for Sloped Yard (Review) in 2021

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Best Riding Mower for Sloped YardI have a sloped yard where not all mowers can work. To realize the best mowing experience, I had to research different models available in the market. Are you also searching for the best lawn mower for the sloped yard?

You should not worry because I have done the research on your behalf and I’m going to list the best lawn mowers which you can apply on sloped ground. The right mower for the task should be stable.

I had tried different mowers, and most of them were letting me down due to their poor design. You should not go through the long process of trying to locate the right lawn mower yet I took time to research.

Top 5 Best Lawn Mowers for Sloped Yard in 2021

1. American Lawn Mower Company 1204

American Lawn Mower Company 1204 Lawn MowerIt is small and easy to use lawn mower which helps me to mow on steep slopes. Even if your lawn has a high gradient, the mower is very easy to handle. I have been using the unit for quite some time, and it is working very well.

At just 14 inches, the mower cuts enough grass which allows me to achieve the perfect cut each time I pass it over the lawn. The blades are made out of quality heat treated alloy steel which ensures they remain sharp for long.

Adjustable cutting height allows me to cut different types of grass. Remember there are some grass types which require to be cut at certain heights. The lawn mower works very well in such cases. It is an electrically powered mower; hence it is eco-friendly which is unlike other models in the field that use gas.

Features & Pros:

  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Eco-friendly mower
  • Heat treated sharp blades
  • Versatile lawn mower


  • Cutting width at only 14 inches

2. The great States 304-14 Push Reel Mower

The great States 304 14 Push Reel Lawn MowerIt does not matter how steep is the ground where I’m about to cut grass. The small lawn mower is easy to handle irrespective of the steepness. Quick height adjustment makes it easy to cut grass at different heights.

Ball bearing reel blades cut very fast. Even thick turf I’m able to handle it on my slopping lawn.

The heat-treated alloy steel blades are very strong. Cushioned grip assures me the best cut ever. The lightweight design avoids fatigue because I can move it over the lawn several times without feeling fatigue. It is an easy to maintain lawn mower I can recommend to anybody.

Features & Pros:

  • Quickly adjustable height
  • 14-inch cutting width
  • Heat treated quality blades
  • Cushioned handle


  • Suitable for small lawns

3. Greenworks 20-Inch Lawn Mower 25022

Greenworks 20 Inch Corded Lawn Mower 25022The lawn mower works very well for small steep slopes. I have a garden which is small and has a steep gradient. I had to include the lawnmower among my best lawn mower for sloped yard because it is straightforward to handle when cutting grass on a steep slope.

Durable steel deck offers the necessary durability in need. With a 20-inch cutting deck, I can easily cut grass over a large area within a short period.

Three in one design allows me to perform different functions such as mulching, rear bagging, and the discharge function. Seven position height adjustments make it easy to achieve the perfect cut when I’m working on the lawnmower.

Foldable handles allow for easy storage. 10 inch rear wheel and the 7-inch front wheel configuration make the mower stable as I mow on the steep slopes.

Features & Pros:

  • Durable steel deck
  • Powerful 12 amp motor
  • Three in one function
  • Push start button


  • Corded

4. Snapper XD Electric Cordless

Snapper XD Electric Cordless 19 Inch LawnmowerThe electric cordless lawn mower has a 19-inch cutting blade which speeds up my mowing experience. Rapid charger batteries save on time when it comes to recharging. I love the lawn mower because it is cordless.

When working on my lawn with a lot of trees, it works very well. There is no stress of cords which can keep on crossing the trees.

Three in one function makes it easy to save on cost. I can perform different landscaping functions with the help of the lawn mower. Push button start allows me to get started with the lawnmower quickly.

Push button start makes the whole operation simple. Compact and vertical storage saves my space.

Features & Pros:

  • Rapid charger
  • 19-inch steel cutting deck
  • Smart load sensing technology
  • Push buttons tart


  • Only 45 minutes run time

5. Earthwise 60418 Cordless Lawn

Earthwise 60418 Cordless Electric Lawn MowerI love this lawn mower because it is a cordless unit. I can use it to cut grass on my sloppy lawn which has a lot of trees. Moving around obstacles is straightforward.

Two 40 v lithium batteries in the lawn mower are powerful enough to allow me to cut the grass for a prolonged period. Three in one design allows me to achieve the perfect cut ever.

LED battery monitor allows me to know when the charge has gone low so that I can recharge. Single lever height adjustment makes it very easy to cut grass at different heights. Ergonomic foldable handles allow for easy cutting of grass.

Features & Pros:

  • Two powerful batteries
  • Three in one design
  • LED battery monitor
  • Single lever height adjustment


  • Requires regular recharging

The best lawn mower for the sloped yard : Buying guide

You need to check on features such as the stability of the lawn mower before you proceed to buy. Apart from the balance, take into consideration the size of your lawn. A large garden requires a mower with full cutting width so that you can speed up the service delivery. Here are some tips to consider:

Are there obstacles in your steep lawn?

There are some yards which have a lot of trees. If your lawn has trees, then you may require a gas powered or cordless unit. It is necessary to avoid the stress of moving cords around the obstacles.

Cost considerations

You have a budget in mind before you go out to buy a lawnmower. Always ensure you stick to your budget to avoid purchasing the wrong unit.

Sharp blades

There are some units which have heat treated alloy steel blades which remain sharp for long. Buying such a lawn mower can speed up your project delivery.

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Is a zero-turn worth the money?

As you might have noticed, zero-turn mowers are quite expensive. Their pricing ranges from $2,500 and goes above $5,000. What more, you may even need to buy a bagging kit separately. If you have a massive lawn spanning several acres and you’ve trees, bushes, and flowers in it, a zero-turn riding mower is an excellent choice as it will save you time. If your lawn has many small shrubs to trim and in places that require you to turn quickly, this model is a wise investment. However, owning a zero-turn mower does come with some cons. You have to use both your hands to operate it.

Is it OK to push a self-propelled mower?

Yes. You can quickly push a self-propelled mower; it won’t damage it in any way. However, it might be difficult and tedious to move it as self-propelled is a little heavier than the standard push mower. Their weight makes it laborious to move them around while they more. What’s more, self-propelled push ability is often reserved for use when the self-propelled mechanism is not working.

Is it bad to pull a lawnmower backward?

Yes and No. You can pull your lawn mower backward, but if you’re using a self-propelled more, the self-propelled function must be disengaged for you to start the pull. The standard self-propelled mowers work by holding the drive lever or the bar near the handle to activate spinning wheels to start moving the machine forward.

Pulling it in small lawns

It’s a bad idea to pull the lawnmower backward when you’re mowing a massive patch. When your grass is tiny, it’s awkward to turn around with the machine. Instead, you’re left with moving in and pulling it back. You need to repeat the process until the grass is cut correctly.

And you know what, nice-looking laser line on the small lawn patches do not show up properly; no need to stress over it. And if you try to turn with it in your small lawn, you will likely step over your planted beds and cause other issues.

Pulling it on larger lawns

If you have a giant lawn, the story is different. It’s a bad idea to pull a lawnmower backward on enormous lawns with enough room to turn. It makes it a challenge to cut straight laser lines. You might even end up creating mohawks or leaving uncut sections. Days later, these uncut sections can become pronounced and detract from your clean-cut presentation. And the worse it, fixing them is tedious and takes time.


If you value your safety, then you must avoid pulling your lawn mower backward. Pulling the machine backward means your feet are not far away from its blades. An unfortunate fall or hesitation can lead to a tragic accident if your feet get under the mower deck leading to a potentially severe consequence.


Mowing backward puts you in an awkward position, and it’s quite challenging to get a good rhythm while you pull it. Pushing it forward gives you balance and allows you to speed up and insert force while staying on course.

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