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5 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Uneven Terrain (Review) in 2021

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Best Riding Lawn Mower for Uneven TerrainUneven terrain requires a mower which is easy to steer around. Are you wondering on which is the right mower you can buy for your rough terrain? I was once in a similar situation; hence I decided to do a lot of research.

I’m going to share with you my findings in the article so that you can get to know the top products in the category. A riding lawn mower should be durable and easy to drive around if you intend to realize high performance.

You should as well check on the durability of the lawn mower. I have taken into consideration different factors to list for you the best riding lawn mower for uneven terrain.

Top 5 best riding lawn mowers for uneven terrain in 2021

1. Troy-Bilt 540cc Riding mower

Troy Bilt 540cc 46 Inch Riding LawnmowerIt is a powerful gas powered mower which works very well on rough terrain. With a 46-inch cutting deck, it swipes over a full path making my mowing process easy to accomplish. Foot pedal automatic transmission makes the work easy when working on the lawnmower.

Power operator comfort design makes it very easy to control the mower on uneven terrain.

Soft touch steering makes my work very easy when working on the uneven terrain. Mid-back seat assures me great comfort as I work on the large yard. Side discharge makes it easy to cut grass fast while discharging. Its reliable design even allows mowing in reverse.

Features & Pros:

  • Powerful 19 HP engine
  • Soft touch steering
  • Power and operator comfort feature
  • 46-inch cutting path


  • Only the 2-year warranty

2. Poulan Pro PP155H42 Riding Mower

Poulan Pro PR500N21SH lawn mowerThe gas-powered lawn mower is among the most reliable for uneven terrain. With a 42-inch cutting path I can accomplish big projects fast. The deck is highly durable.

It is accompanied by a 10-year warranty which makes me comfortable even when mowing on rough terrain. The auto hydrostatic transmission is highly convenient allowing me to realize great comfort when working on the mower.

Durability and performance are excellent due to the grand design of the mower. The oscillating front axle has a turning radius of six inches which makes it easy for me to make quick turns. The six cutting positions, I can cut different types of grass after changing the settings.

Features & Pros:

  • 42 inch reinforced steel deck
  • Auto hydrostatic transmission
  • Highly durable
  • 10-year warranty on the deck
  • 6 cutting height adjustments


  • Works on gas

3. Ryobi Electric Riding Mower

Ryobi 38 Battery Electric Riding Lawn MowerThe battery-powered mower is in my best riding lawn mower for uneven terrain due to its environmentally friendly operation. There are times when I need a unit that does not expose me to issues of environmental pollution.

The great design of the lawnmower makes it highly reliable when working on areas where gas emission can be an issue. It is a secure unit that operates on a brushless motor to achieve excellent performance.

Up to two hours run time just enough to allow me to cut grass fast in different areas. I have a large lawn, and I can attest the mower is very useful.

It is a battery-operated mower which I can recommend to anybody who would like to realize great success when cutting grass. I can work with the unit in different lawns but still achieve the best results. Low maintenance is guaranteed because there is no need for spark plugs, filters, or belts.

Features & Pros:

  • Battery operated
  • Powerful brushless motors
  • Low maintenance guaranteed
  • Up to 2 hours run time


  • Requires recharging after 2 hours of use

4. Husqvarna YTA18542 Tractor Mower

Husqvarna 960430211 YTA18542 Tractor MowerI was looking for a fast operating lawnmower when I came across the unit. It has a 42-inch cutting deck which speeds up the whole process of cutting grass. Variable speed transmission allows me to choose the right speed at which I can cut.

Powerful 18.5 HP engine makes it a highly reliable riding lawn mower in my collection. I had to include the lawnmower in my best riding lawn mower for uneven terrain due to its fast auto transmission and the low maintenance required to operate the unit.

Air induction mowing technology makes it a great unit. The technology allows airflow within the deck which results in a clean cut. The deck wash option makes the process of cleaning the deck very easy. I only have to connect a hose to the deck, and the unit can be cleaned fast.

Features & Pros:

  • Fast auto transmission
  • Air induction mowing technology
  • Convenient fender mounted deck
  • Deck wash port


  • Gas-powered

5. Husqvarna YTH22V42 Tractor Mower

Husqvarna 960430211 YTA18542 Tractor MowerIt is among my top picks of the best riding lawn mower for uneven terrain. Features such as the pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission make it highly effective when mowing.

I always achieve optimal driving control when working with the lawnmower. Air induction mowing technology improves the airflow to the deck making me realize a consistent cut every time I’m working on my lawn.

The steel deck is reinforced with heavy flat stocks which make it highly reliable. Strength and durability are assured. I have been using mine heavily, and it is still intact. The lawnmower is among the best units you can buy and realize great success. My lawn is large and uneven, with the riding lawn mower I can efficiently manage to keep the grass at the right level.

Features & Pros:

  • Pedal operated transmission
  • Air induction mowing technology
  • Reinforced heavy-duty steel deck
  • Easy to steer


  • Only three years of limited warranty

Riding lawnmower for an uneven terrain buying guide

The right riding lawn mower for rough terrain should be easy to steer. I have picked the right models for you to find it easy when buying. Apart from checking on the easy to drive mowers, I also took into consideration the durability of the mowers.

It is necessary to consider a mower that can assure you value for money. Here are other factors you need to find:

Availability of spare parts

Before I proceed to buy any mower, I first check on the availability of spare parts. With a mower which I can quickly locate spare parts, it becomes easy for me to realize the best results after buying the lawnmower.

The warranty offered by the manufacturers

With a warranty, I manage to have peace of mind. To avoid stress, I always insist on buying a lawnmower which has a warranty. The duration differs; hence you need to confirm before you proceed to order.

Easy to steer

For the uneven terrain, it is necessary to consider a mower that is easy for you to drive around.


Best Riding Lawn Mower for Uneven Terrain?

Although every product listed here deserves to be the best riding lawn mower for rough terrain, you might want to make sure you get something robust with a powerful engine.It should also have a sound transmission preferred a CVT transmission or manual type as these two are highly adaptable to the uneven terrain maneuverability.

What’s more, ZTR is the best turning radius, as it will allow you to turn inside its footprint. From the above list, the Troy-Bilt 540cc Riding mower is the best option. It has everything you need to mow your uneven lawn.

Why does my riding lawn mower cut uneven?

Uneven Cutting or wavy or smooth troughs on the lawn surface can be caused by mower deck damage or misadjustment. Mostly the cause of this is that your riding mower deck is not leveled correctly. Solving the problem is to balance your mower deck correctly.

Dull or worn blades might also cause the issue. The solution is quite simple; you need to sharpen or replace your mower blades. Your mower blades might also be damage requiring replacement, or the deck is clogged with glass clipping where you need to clean the whole deck.

Besides this, your mower deck shell damage might also be the reason your riding lawn mower is cutting uneven. You need to repair or replace the deck to solve the problem. It might also be that the mower spindle is loose or bent and requires a repair or replacement. Also, check the installation of the blades to make sure it was done right. If not, you’ve to reinstall them.

How much HP do I need in a riding lawn mower?

Sizing your riding lawn mower is crucial, or you might be overworking your unit leading to quick wear and tear to the engine. If you have a lawn between 1/2 and 1 acre, your lawnmower should have a 14HP motor.

For a lawn between 1 and 2 acres, you need a riding lawn mower with an rated engine between 14HP and 16HP. If your lawn size is 3 acres and more, the best riding lawn mower is that with an 18 – 24HP engine.

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