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Best Riding Mower for Small Lawns [in 2021]

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For a small lawn, you need a riding mower which has an average size engine. The mower should be easy to use and highly reliable. I was looking for the right mower which I can apply on my small lawn when I came across several models.

Do you know the best riding mower for small lawns? You should not worry because I have done the research to reveal to you the right products. The different mowers I tested come with easy to control steering making them highly reliable.

You can always apply the mowers in your small lawn, and you will never regret it. I had to check on the price as well because I was looking for a model which can guarantee me value for money.

Top 5 best riding mowers for small lawns in 2021

1. Husqvarna 960430211 YTA18542 Pedal Tractor Mower

The mower has a fast auto transmission engine which makes my work very easy. I can cut easily on my small lawn. The mower has a 42-inch cutting deck which makes the process of cutting grass very easy.

Although I have a small garden, it is highly reliable because I can as well apply it in other areas. My main focus was on reliability. The mower is highly reliable. I can use it to cut grass on different surfaces making it among my best picks.

With air induction mowing technology, it passes air at high speed under the deck as it cuts grass which leads to the best results each time I cut the grass. Deck wash port allows me to quickly clean the underside of the mower. Different parts used in the mower are highly durable making it my reliable mower.

Features & Pros:

  • Fast auto transmission
  • Air induction mowing technology
  • Easy to operate
  • Deck wash port


  • Only three years limited warranty

2. Husqvarna 960430216 YTH22V42 Tractor Mower

The process of driving the mower is very comfortable. With optimal driving control, it works very well on my small lawn. It uses air induction technology which makes it highly reliable when cutting different types of grass.

There are parts of my garden where I have tough grass. With the careful design of the mower, I’m not afraid to tackle the grass because the mower has sharp blades. The stamped cutting deck is reinforced which make the mower highly reliable.

Use of sturdy steel makes the mower highly reliable. I have been using the mower for long, and it is still serving me very well. I can recommend it to you if you are searching for the right mowers. I had to take into consideration different factors before I had to list the mower in my best riding mower for small lawns.

Features & Pros:

  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Air induction mowing technology
  • Reinforced heavy duty deck
  • Easy to control


  • Frame and chassis has only a five-year warranty

3. Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs Riding Lawnmower

The mower is built to assure me of excellent durability. When compiling this list, I was after a reliable mower which can assure me of extended services. I was right because after testing the mower, it has worked very well.

The 46-inch cutting deck allows me to accomplish the grass cutting in my small lawn within minutes. Wheels are well balanced to assure me a comfortable ride. The 19 HP engine works very well on my garden. You will not regret buying the mower.

Soft touch steering and the middle back seat makes the ride very comfortable. I do not have to fear of back pains when riding on the mower. With a side discharge, it works very well in cutting grass. I can even mow in reverse.

Features & Pros:

  • Powerful 19 HP engine
  • Comfortable to operate
  • Soft touch steering
  • 46-inch mowing deck


  • Only a two-year warranty on parts

4. Poulan Pro PP155H42 Briggs & Stratton Mower

I love the mower because it has a powerful 15.5 HP engine. There is no type of grass I cannot tackle on my lawn. Use of different durable parts makes the mower among my top recommendations.

With a 42 inch reinforced cutting deck, I can work on rough terrain, and still the mower delivers excellent services. Convenient auto hydrostatic transmission makes the mower very easy to control.

Durability and performance are guaranteed due to the grand design of the mower. Oscillating front axle allows me to achieve turning even within 6 inches. Six cutting positions will enable me to cut different types of grass. The look of grass on my lawn has significantly improved after I bought the mower.

Features & Pros:

  • 42-inch cutting deck
  • Auto hydrostatic transmission
  • High durability and performance
  • Six cutting positions


  • Does not use air induction mowing technology

5. Ryobi 38″ Battery Riding Lawn Mower RY48110

It is the best riding mower for small lawns which works very well on small gardens. I can save a lot of money when working with the mower. There are no expensive maintenance costs.

It is a clean mower which does not pollute the environment or require the change of oils. I was looking for a mower which cannot expose me to emission issues when I came across the mower. Upon trying it, it has proved to be highly reliable.

It is entirely battery operated making it clean alternative. The use of three powerful motors provides the power to allow me to cut grass on different parts of my home. The mower is among my best riding mower for small lawns which I can recommend to anybody looking to realize high performance.

Features & Pros:

  • Battery operated
  • Three powerful brushless motors
  • Economical for small lawns
  • Low maintenance


  • Only two hour’s battery run time

Riding mower for the small gardens buying guide

There are different factors you need to check out when about to buy a riding mower for small lawns. First, try to buy an economic unit. A mower which operates on electricity seems to be an economical option for you. You should as well check on the reliability of the mower before buying. Here are other factors to check out:

Battery run time

If you prefer an electric powered model, then you should buy a mower which can keep the charge for long so that you can avoid inconveniences when cutting grass.

The durability of the mower

A durable mower has different parts which are made out of highly reliable materials. For example, the cutting deck should be made out of durable steel.

Cost considerations

You need a mower which your budget can comfortably accommodate. It is necessary to check on the cost of buying different mowers before you proceed to purchase.

Riding mower for small lawns FAQs

Which is the ideal riding mower for small lawns?
You need one that can keep the charge and the blades should be highly durable. Above are my top recommendations.

Where can I buy a riding mower for small lawns?
You can always order the mowers online. From my list above you can quickly locate the right places where you can buy.

Are all riding mower for small lawns durable?
Mowers differ based on different factors. There are others which are highly durable while others can let you down. I have researched the different models to list for you the best models above.

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