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Top 5 Best Security Camera For Smartthings (Review) in 2021

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Best Security Camera For Smartthings 2With technological advancements and innovations, the world has changed a lot and so have our lives. Technology has come to ensure that our lives get better and more straightforward.

Today the world is using smartthings technology which provides a way of integrating different home products. With technology, you can control all the smart gadget which supports such integration. And to keep your home safe, there is the need to use a smartthings security which improves on monitoring your home.

Smart home monitoring requires that you use the best security camera for smartthings which can be challenging to find. Why’s that? The market today has lots of types and models with different performances, features, and abilities.

But I’ve made it easier for you. I’ve gathered some of the best models available, reviewed them and prepared the list below. Underneath it is a buyer’s guide to help you make sure you buy the right model.

Best Security Cameras For Smartthings in 2021 

1. Arlo Pro – Wireless Home Security

Arlo Pro Wireless Home SecurityIf you’re searching for a security camera for smartthings that comes with little chances of flaws, the Arlo Pro is an ideal choice for you. The camera brings a good video performance that delivers a very new positive approach to a smartphone.

The device is also weather resistant making it ideal for use indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, the camera supports night vision for a great use during in the night and a 2-way audio system making it easier to hear while talking. It’s easy to use and user-friendly.

You will also like to understand that this model supports Geo-Fencing capabilities, motion and sound triggered recording and many more.

Features & Pros:

  • Video and motion triggering setup
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Smartthings integration
  • Free cloud storage
  • IFTTT compatibility
  • Easy to install


  • Average night vision
  • Wi-Fi not that strong needs boosting

2. Wyze Cam Indoor 1080p Camera

Wyze Cam Indoor 1080p CameraThe Wyze Cam Indoor Wireless Smart Home security camera that features night vision. The device delivers fast, and clear live video stream footage direct to a smartphone through the Wyze App, is compatible with Android and iOS, day and night.

The security camera also comes with sound and motion detention which sends you alerts anytime it detects motion and sound, and you can view the alert videos recorded for up to 14-days for free.

Furthermore, the camera utilizes a new motion tagging feature to comfortably identify motion in both the playback videos and live stream modes. The device can also work with 32GB, 16GB or 8GB microSD card to allow continuous recording and scheduling custom time-lapse motions.

It also uses two-way audio to listen and talk through the Wyze v2. With the Wyze App, you will be able to manage and view a number of the cameras, view alert videos, share the camera with other users, and record/share videos and photos directly for the Wyze App.

Features & Pros:

  • Amazon Alexa integration
  • Smart sound detection
  • Great video quality
  • Free cloud backup
    Two-way audio
  • Night vision


  • No Geofencing
  • It’s not weatherproof

3. Arlo Q Plus 1080p Camera

Arlo Q Plus 1080p CameraThe Arlo Q Plus is a perfect security camera monitoring solution for any smartthings. With this model, you will enjoy incredibly sharp detailed 1080P HD video. The security camera also comes with two-way audio allowing you to talk with everyone who is there.

The power-over-Ethernet capability will enable it to use one cable to power and connect through a single network cable.

The Arlo Q Plus security camera comes with motion alert which alarm when the camera detects any motion or noise. The night vision technology used by this model will allow you to see what’s happening even during the night.

Enjoy 24/7 cloud recording and get an optional continuous cloud recording which saves every second. The SD card slot will allow you to use 32GB, 16GB or 8GB microSD for local video recording and backup if there are internet interruptions.

Features & Pros:

  • 1080p HD video & Night Vision clarity
  • Connect with Ethernet, WiFi, or PoE
  • 24/7 continuous cloud recording
  • Motion or sound detection
  • Two-way communication
  • Built-in mic and speaker


  • Single-user mobile app
  • Custom zones not intuitive

4. Ebitcam 1080P HD IP Wireless

Ebitcam 1080P HD IP WirelessIf you need the best security camera for smartthings, I present to you the Ebitcam IP camera. It’s a wireless security camera that can be used as a home security camera or a Pet baby monitor.

The system comes with night vision technology to ensure you get the best 1080P full HD video stream no matter any time of the day. The night vision provides a fantastic night experience, up to 10 meters and switch on/off automatically depending on the amount of light.

One thing that differentiates this Ebitcam from most of the other best security camera for smartthings is the fact that it has multiple installation positions allowing you to install it wherever you want. You can have mounted on the walls, ceiling or the table. Additionally, this model features multiple viewing options. You can stream the videos from Echo Show, Android or iOS mobile devices/PC website.

Features & Pros:

  • Motion detection technology
  • Multiple Viewing Options
  • Intelligent Digital Zoom
  • Four-channel viewing
  • Smarter Night Vision
  • Two-Way Audio


  • Night picture is not great
  • Mount is only single axis

5. Samsung SNH-V6414BN SmartCam

Samsung SNH V6414BN SmartCamAlways keep your home connected with the best security camera for smatthings like the Samsung SmartCam WiFi IP Camera. The camera is a refurbished model which means it has been re-inspected, cleaned and repaired for better functionality.

With this security camera, you’ll be able to monitor everything in your smart home and receive 1080P full HD live feed through your mobile devices or a computer/laptop from anywhere in the world.

The two-way talk tech employed on this model will allow you to have communications to the person you’re watching through the inbuilt mic. The innovative audio and motion detection feature used in this security camera enables the model to send alerts any time it detects sound or motion. Use the night vision technology to ensure you’re protected day and night.

Features & Pros:

  • Full HD Streaming and Recording
  • Lens Distortion Correction
  • Small and Simple Design
  • Improved Night Vision
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Two-Way-Talk


  • No backup battery
    Doesn’t interact with other devices

Best Security Camera For Smartthings – Buyers Guide

After going through the above review, you will realize that each of the product on that list has its uniqueness which can make it difficult to make a purchase decision. Therefore to ensure you pick the right model for your smartthings, you need to make sure you consider the following factors.


A security camera for smartthings is there to act as your third eye when you’re away from home, and that’s why the camera needs to have a good resolution. Gift yourself by buying a model that comes with the highest possible video resolution.

Some models come with 1080P full HD while others come with 720P HD. You’ve to keep in mind that high resolution often uses more internet/WiFi bandwidth and drains a battery faster.


One thing that makes smartthing monitoring so easy is by installing the best security camera that comes with an auto tilt. The tilt will allow you to focus on an area to monitor while also watching the live feed from your mobile device or web app.


A security camera needs to work well at scaring bunglers from your home while also giving you alerts whenever there is an intruder. You need to make sure that the model you’re about to buy has a way of alerting you if any of this happens.

Night Vision

Smartthing automation requires 24/7 monitoring which includes during the night. I suggest you make sure that you pick a model that features a long-range night vision technology for a comfortable night monitoring. Clarity is also crucial here. The camera might have night vision, but you can see anything.

Sound and Motion detection

Motion and sound detection is a feature that will ensure that you’re always protected. A security camera that utilizes this technology can detect and sound and movements around your home and alerts you immediately. For perfect smartthing security, I suggest you make sure your camera of choice has it.

Wireless capability

Smartthings connects everything in the house in one unit for easy monitoring when you are at home and when you’re away. It’s for that reason that you need to make sure that your choice for the best security camera for smartthings comes with wireless capabilities — keeping you updated on what is going on inside and outside your home from anywhere in the world.

Local storage

Sometime Wi-Fi might fail, and the camera loses the ability to stream the live feed. A smartthings camera with an SD card slot will give you an opportunity to insert a memory card to use when the wireless network fails. Sound good, right?

Backup Battery

Most of the time the home system does fail, or the bunglers might interfere with the power in your home while they are in action. In that case, a camera with a back battery can continue monitoring and recording. That’s why I recommend you make sure the model you pick comes with a backup battery.

Cloud recording

Technology today has gone to another level. With the current innovation, most people do not use local memory devices, and they are using cloud storage. A smartthing security with cloud recording would be a great feature in the home monitoring.

The best security camera for smartthings will ensure you keep an eye on your home when you’re in or out. The camera will also scare away home bunglers and keep you alert when one is around. So, use the information above to make sure you have found a model that meets all your smartthings needs.


What cameras work with SmartThings?

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In most cases, they are clearly labeled. We have a list of cameras you can get and pair with your SmartThings, and they will assure you great performance. It is upon you to research around, and you will locate the perfect lawn mower that will assure you great results as you work on SmartThings.

Do WYZE cameras work with SmartThings?

Yes, they are affordable cameras; you can connect with SmartThings. People who are after ways they can save money when installing SmartThings in their homes prefer the unit. It is built to assure you great results as you try to connect with SmartThings.

You can get it, and it will work correctly in helping you connect with SmartThings. Several people have bought them, and they fit perfectly in assisting them to connect with SmartThings. You can get the unit, and it will work well in your home. Work with a professional to ensure the installation process runs smoothly.

What security systems work with SmartThings?

Several brands work with SmartThings. From our list, you will get security cameras that fall under different budgets. Take into consideration your budget and you will get the best security system from our list that work with SmartThings. In most cases, the manufacturers have labeled them. You can check out the labels, and it will be easy to get the best unit.

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  • Smart home monitoring requires that you use the best security camera for smartthings which can be challenging to find. Why’s that? The market today has lots of types and models with different performances, features, and abilities.
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