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Best Security Camera for Synology (Review) in 2021

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Best Security Camera for SynologyNot all security cameras are compatible with Synology. The company specializes in network services. The few security cameras supported by the company come with several features which enhance the securing of your home.

To make it easy for you when looking for the right cameras for Synology, I had to do some form of research so that I can list for you the best security camera for Synology.

It is necessary to buy the best cameras for the job so that you can always achieve the best when working with them.

Top 5 best security cameras for Synology in 2021

1. Reolink 4MP 8CH PoE

Reolink 4MP 8CH PoEIt is among my best security camera for Synology which works very well. The camera has eight channels cameras which work well to secure your home.

I had to try the security cameras, and since I bought them, I have never looked back. With powerful cameras, I can capture footage in real time. Built-in 2TB security grade hard drive makes it easy to store footage. With 4MP super HD and vivid night vision, the cameras are powerful enough to guarantee me excellent performance.

Remote access from any location via the app makes it easy to use security camera. I do not have to worry about how I can assess the security situation, I only have to utilize the app, and I can keep track of the security of the home. Provided I have a phone, and I can monitor several businesses where I have installed the cameras. It works well for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Features & Pros:

  • Plug and play cameras
  • Built-in 2TB security grade hard drive
  • 4 MP super HD cameras
  • Night vision capability


  • Only two years warranty

2. Reolink 5MP Wireless Camera

Reolink 5MP Wireless CameraIt is a wireless security camera which has helped in boosting the security of my business premises. With four times optical zoom; it works very well in capturing clear footage.

With the Wi-Fi connection, I can keep an eye on what is happening around my property from any location. Night vision capability makes it possible to monitor monition even at night. It utilizes motion detection to start recording footage which saves on storage space.

Remote access and the free app available allow me to analyze footage from remote locations. It is a camera I can recommend to anybody who would like to access real-life footage at any given time. Video recording and playback makes it possible to view the footage at different times. The 32 GB micro SD can store footage for up to 400 events. I’m always at peace of mind after installing the cameras.

Features & Pros:

  • Night vision capability
  • Motion detection
  • Remote access
  • Video recording and playback


  • Inbuilt SD of only 32 GB capacity

3. Reolink PoE IP Camera

Reolink PoE IP CameraIt is another excellent security camera which supports sinology. After checking on the different features ion the camera, I had to include it in my top picks of the best security camera for Synology.

It has night vision and wide viewing angle making it an excellent camera for my home. Super HD footage allows for easy assessment so that I can know what is happening around my property. It works well for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Smart motion detection and the alert feature let me know when motion has been detected around my property. Availability of free apps and the versatile nature of the camera make it easy to access footage from remote locations. It is among the best security camera for Synology which I can recommend to anybody looking forward to achieving the best in home surveillance. With an audio function and the recording feature, it offers the best coverage.

Features & Pros:

  • Up to 100 feet night vision capability
  • Outdoor and indoor uses
  • Smart motion detection
  • Remote view


  • A bit expensive

4. Phylink PLC-335PW

Phylink PLC 335PWIt is a powerful security camera which assures me excellent performance. It has a waterproof design making it highly reliable even in damp places. With a 6 mm lens, it captures clear footage which makes it easy for me to capture footage at different angles.

With night vision capability, I can quickly capture footage even at night. The alert functions include email alarm and mobile notifications which always keep me on top of what is happening around my home.

With waterproof design, I can install it anywhere without fear of water damage. The setup process is straightforward. Basically, it is a plug and play camera which can be set up in minutes. I even installed it in my business, and it works very well in assuring me security.

Features & Pros:

  • Night vision capability
  • Notifications when motion is detected
  • Easy to set up
  • Remote playback


  • A bit expensive

5. Farsler A3 Rechargeable Camera

Farsler A3 Rechargeable CameraIt works on rechargeable battery. I had to include the camera in my best security camera for Synology due to its wireless connections. I do not have to power it via the mains; the wireless system has helped me secure my home.

The use of heat and motion detection allows me to capture clear footage which I can assess and take necessary action to avoid losses. With secure Wi-Fi set up, I can quickly get started with the camera.

Quick Wi-Fi set up makes it a reliable camera I have ever bought. Clear two-way connection lets me interact with the footage site. Waterproof materials make it highly reliable even when it is raining. Night vision capability allows me to capture footage even in dark conditions.

Features & Pros:

  • Motion detection
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Clear two ways audio
  • Waterproof


  • SD maximum capacity of 128 GB

Security camera for Synology buying guide

Do you know the right tips to apply so that you can buy the right security camera for Synology? You should not worry because here I’m going to explain to you the different tips you can apply so that you can buy the right camera for the job:

Check on Synology compatibility

Not all security cameras out there are compatible with sinology. If you can visit the official website of the company, you will get a list of cameras which are supported. I have even done research to list for you the compatible cameras above.

Footage storage capacity

You need a security camera which can store as much footage as possible. Check on the hard drive capacity before you proceed to buy the cameras.

Remote access feature

To quickly view footage from remote locations, you need to go for cameras which have remote footage access features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best security camera for Synology?
I have listed the best security cameras which are compatible with the software from the company above. You can buy one of them and be sure of great success in the process of securing your home.

Are security cameras for Synology affordable?
There are several cameras which are compatible with the products released by the company. Some are affordable while others will require you to pay more. To locate the right products, you need to check on the price of different security cameras and compare before buying.

Are all security cameras for Synology covered by warranty?
Not all companies offer a warranty; you need to check the availability before you proceed to order.

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