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Best Security Camera For Churches (Review) in 2021

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Best Security Cameras For ChurchesSacred places such as churches and temples are sometimes exposed to theft and other acts of vandalism. Therefore, these institutions must protect their property, and the best way to go about it is to use quality security cameras for churches.

It is essential for them to install the best security cameras for churches. Once this is done, thieves and vandals will find it impossible to enter these sacred institutions knowing that someone is watching them other than God.

However, finding the best security cameras for churches is easier said than done. The current security system market is overflowing with different types and models of security cameras making it hard to pick one.

But I’ve got your back. I’ve prepared this review to help you find the best model and a buyer’s guide to make sure you choose the right security camera for a church.

Best Security Cameras For Churches in 2021

1. ZOSI 8-Channel CCTV Security

ZOSI 8 Channel CCTV SecurityThe ZOSI Security Camera is an eight channel full 1080P high definition CCTV camera which comes with all the accessories you require to set up the best security cameras for churches system.

All the eight 1080P security cameras on this unit come with 24 pieces of powerful IR-LED night visions and this 65 feet night vision activates automatically when the unit detects low light allowing you to see even during the night.

The system comes with a pre-installed one TB surveillance hard drive which is designed to allow 24/7 uptime. It also reduces frame loss, allowing you to playback the recorded video in high definition.

The camera system also comes with smart motion detection recording which will enable you to save the hard drive storage space. With the ZOSI view app, you will be able to watch the records collected on the DVR remotely on your mobile device using a wireless internet connection.

Features & Pros:

  • Customizable motion detection Alerts and zone
  • Support Ultra-Long Uninterrupted Recording
  • Inbuilt security grade 1TB Hard Drive
  • Aluminum weatherproof housing
  • Two years quality Warranty
  • Lifetime Tech Support


  • Unhelpful tech support
  • Software require regular updates

2. ANNKE 8 Channel 1080P

ANNKE 8 Channel 1080PIf you’re seeking the best security cameras for churches that will give you the best security coverage, then you ought to try the ANNKE Home Security system. It is an 8-channel system that provides crisp and smooth footage.

The robust 8-channel 1080P lite five-in-one DVR used by this system works perfectly with the eight IP66 weatherproof cameras.

With these cameras you will enjoy 1080P HD church live monitoring, 1080P lite live recording and playback, and up to 100 feet night vision.

With this system, you can customize the motion detection by marking out the critical areas for motion detection to reduce false alarms. The system also uses an advanced H.264+ video compression allowing you to save more memory for keeping the church surveillance HDD.

Features & Pros:

  • Exceptional H.264+ Video Compression technology
  • Smooth and Clear 1080P Live Viewing
  • Easy Remote Mobile Devices Access
  • Snapshots & APP Push Email Alert
  • IP66 Weatherproof Cameras
  • Powerful 5-in-1 DVR


  • ANNKE app may go buggy on some devices

3. Firstrend 8CH 960P Wireless Security

Firstrend 8CH 960P Wireless SecurityUnlike the other two security camera models, this new Firstrend eight channel 960P security camera comes with a pre-installed 2TB hard drive for the best live feed recording.

The system also features a Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi church security system which allows you to monitor everything that is happening outside and inside the church.

Prevent church bungling by installing this Firstrend wireless camera as it can record during the day and the night by using the six IR-LEDs Night Vision. The cameras are IP66 weatherproof rated so feel free to install them indoor and outdoor.

Additionally, this camera system supports Sync-playback, motion detection, and video back for easy security monitoring.

Features & Pros:

  • Professional Wi-Fi signal transmission
  • Remote Monitoring and Playback
  • Integrated Wi-Fi repeaters
  • Extra clear night images
  • Sharp, true colors
  • 1-year warranty
  • Quick set up


  • Can only be operated by one user account
  • No console screen

4. ZOSI 8 Channel 1080p Security

ZOSI 8 Channel 1080p SecurityThe ZOSI security Camera System is a 1080P HD-TVI system that uses an 8-channel 1080N CCTV DVR recorder and four 1280TVL surveillance cameras. The cameras are weatherproof and feature night vision thus is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The hybrid DVR recorder comes with a self-adaptive technology and supports four types of camera models: the 960H Analog, the 720P/1080P AHD, the 720P/1080P TVI, and the CVI.

And since the DVR recorder is an 8-channel system, it allows you to add four more cameras for a fully customized church monitoring system.

Monitor the live streaming and playback videos remotely through the free ZOSI apps on your mobile devices, or using free ZOSI client for Windows or Mac, or even through the major browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Features & Pros:

  • Advanced Motion Detection & Alert Push
  • Guaranteed Policy and Customer Support
  • Customizable Recording Modes
  • Local and Remote Access
  • Motion detection sensor
  • Auto-pairing function
  • CE and FCC certified


  • Hard to follow user instructions
  • NO hard drive

5. DEFEWAY 16ch CCTV 16 Channel

DEFEWAY 16ch CCTV 16 ChannelKeep your church save by getting the DEFEWAY Camera Security System. The system uses a 16-channel 1080N DVR for easy monitoring.

It also comes with 16-weatherproof 720P HD cameras with up to 100 feet night vision capabilities and motion detection. The fact that the cameras are weatherproof allows them to be used both indoor and outdoor.

The pre-installed 2TB hard drive will allow you to record live streaming for 24/7 and have playbacks whenever you want. The hybrid DVR recorder is a four-in-one unit that’s compatible with four different types of cameras: the 960H Analog, the 720P/1080P AHD, the 720P/1080P TVI, and the CVI.

Features & Pros:

  • Weatherproof indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras
  • Fast forward in playback and Easy backup
  • Instant notifications and email alerts
  • Local and Remote Monitoring
  • Optional Recording Modes
  • Smart motion recording


  • The interface could use some work
  • The DVR recorder is noisy

Best Security Cameras For Churches Buyer’s Guide

You do not want to buy any product to secure your home without having the certainty that it will work as intended. Finding the best wireless camera security system that fits your budget and the specific needs of your home is essential to ensure the safety of your belongings and, more importantly, your family.

Number of cameras

Most wireless camera systems come with some cameras included, and the number of cameras can vary greatly. Read the manufacturer’s data sheet to understand the square footage of the system and make sure that a specific brand can cover the entire desired area. Don’t buy more than you need because you will pay too much, and this extra money could be spent on other features.

Image quality

How many details do you need from the video stream? Do you want to be able to identify the face of potential intruders or do you need to be notified if someone is on your property and should not be?

There are many levels of resolution and the higher the quality of the image, the more money you spend. You must also choose between black and white and color. Surprisingly, black and white systems often offer better and sharper video.

Video quality

Best security cameras for churches are usually more expensive than those sold at a lower price. To get the best results, select high-resolution security cameras with more 480 lines because they offer better quality images.

You need also consider using infrared (IR) security cameras because they are capable of producing high-resolution color video during the day and provide more explicit photos in low or no light conditions using the night vision technology.


Where will you be installing the cameras? Indoor or outdoor? I recommend the use of weatherproof cameras if you’re planning on installing the security cameras outside the church walls. They are more durable than indoor cameras and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Recorder capacity

The number of sequences you want to record and archive, playback capabilities, level of video quality needed, and some cameras to install will all be determined by the DVR capacity. Go for a model that has some storage. Since a church is a big building, you need a system with at least eight channels to have the whole building monitored.


Do you want to be able to zoom in on something? Do you want the motion detection option to ring? Do you want to see the video stream on your mobile phone? These systems have been the subject of incredible technological advances and, if you can afford it, the sky should be your limit.


Always choose a domestic security company that offers a guarantee on your products and services. A minimum guarantee of one year is excellent because it gives you enough time to determine if the product is defective or not. Surely you will want the services of a company that keeps its promises and not just the equipment and the deaf ear.

The right security cameras for churches can help in lowering vandalism and theft in church. However, you have to make sure that you pick the right security camera.

Believing you’ve read the above review, then you must have found that model that will give your church the best security monitoring. If not, make sure you go through the report and see the best product available today and use the buying guide to pick to make your decision.


Can I use any DVR with my security cameras?

Not all video recorders work with all cameras; with DVRs, they only require analog cameras, but compatibility is always beyond distinction. If you want your DVR to work with your security cameras, then make sure they are compatible before you buy it. The manufacturer of the security cameras should give you the necessary information if you are in doubt. That way, you can be sure that they will be compatible with your DVR; you can also ask professional installers for a quick and easy job.

Can I connect a camera to my Smart TV?

If your smart TV comes with a built-in USB port, then connecting a camera to it is very easy. To be able to video chat, you also have to have a good internet connection. Below are some of the simple steps to follow when installing a camera to your smart TV:

Connect your webcam and insert the end of it into an empty USB port on your TV. Select input or source using your remote and go through the list, select the webcam, and then adjust it until you can see yourself on the screen. Follow prompts to connect the camera to the internet and use the TV to streamline whatever you want.

Is wireless or wired security cameras better?

Wired cameras are known for their continuous recording without asking for monthly payments or storage. They also allow you to add more cameras, and you don’t have to incur any costs. The cameras used for wired security are cheap, and most of the parts are in the recording device rather than the camera. When it comes to wireless cameras, they are excellent, especially for those that rent homes. They are straightforward to install and uninstall; they are very flexible and easy to reposition at any time. They require monthly fees and even more money for extra features. Therefore, in our opinion, wired cameras are better, but if you want something more flexible, then go for wireless.

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