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Best Twin Beds For a Girl (Updated For 2021)

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A twin bed for a girl can be a great addition to your home. Your daughter will enjoy great comfort as she sleeps.

Best Twin Beds for Teenage Girl

What makes a bed stand out as the best for your girl? There are several features; your girl needs a bed with chic designs. The bed should be comfortable and secure for your kids to enjoy. Take into consideration the age of your girl before you proceed to buy the bed.

For a young girl, you need a bed with guard rails to avoid cases where she will dream and fall. There are some beds which come in wooden construction while others come in metallic designs. Always take into consideration the materials used to make the bed before you can buy.

Here I’m going to reveal to you my best twin bed for a girl picks.

Top 10 best twin beds for a girl (Suitable for Girls in 2021)

1. Crown Mark Upholstered Panel Bed

Crown Mark Bed QueenThe panel bed stands out due to its great design. With the complete bed set, I enjoy the fact that I have a headboard, the footbed and the rails. The rails in the bed set make it very safe. It is necessary to ensure the safety of the girl is taken into consideration.

I enjoy the fact that the bed has a rail guard which stands out. It works very well in making the girl sleep comfortable. My girl used to have dreams; the rails play a great role in making her stay comfortable.

.Wood plywood frame makes it very convenient. Faux leather makes the upholstery very comfortable. It is a comfortable set I have been having in my home, and it has never let me down. It takes the shortest time to assemble the set. I do not need a new box spring; the bed works on any type of box spring.

Features & Pros:

  • Compete bed set
  • Neutral upholstery
  • Black faux leather
  • Easy to assemble


  • Plywood frame

2. DHP Canopy Bed

DHP Rosedale Metal Canopy BedThe bed comes in a sturdy design to assure you the best feel. With the metal frame, it is a highly durable bed set you can buy to realize the best results. The bed comes in pink design which makes it stand out for girls.

My girl prefers pink color. With the bed in her bedroom, she feels comfortable to stay in bed. The round finial posits it makes the bed stand out. It is a highly decorated bed which stands out in the girl’s room.

My girl uses sheer curtains to make the bed stand out. With the slat support, it easily supports the mattress. The bed stands out due to several reasons. For example, it comes with a simple design which does not require box spring to set up.

I always take into consideration several features before buying the bed. The bed is highly durable and comfortable for the girls. It fits well in the girl’s room, making it a great addition to my girl’s room.

Features & Pros:

  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Supports sheers curtains
  • Slat support
  • Round finial posts design


  • Sheer curtains not included

3. Best Price Mattress Twin Bed

Best Price Mattress Twin BedThe bed stands out in several ways. With the all in one design, it fits very well in a girl’s bedroom. It takes the shortest time to set up. With the headboard and the mattress foundation, it is a highly reliable bed. With the mattress foundation, I find the bed among the best. Steel slats make it very durable. I was after a durable bed when I came across the bed.

Use of steel material makes it highly durable. I have been using it for about year, and it is still durable and intact. There is a section for the headboard and the footbed. All the features in the bed aim at making it highly durable.

With the steel construction, it is a bed I can recommend to anybody looking to realize the best results. The six points of contact make the bed a low noise unit.

Easy to assemble design allows me to get it in position within the shortest time possible. I do not require tools to set it up. It is a bed with exceptional design to assure you of excellent stability. You can count on it to realize the best performance at all times.

Features & Pros:

  • All in one design
  • Easy to set up
  • Metal platform
  • Under-bed storage


  • Does not support sheer curtains

4. Homelegance Averny Metal Platform twin Bed

Homelegance Averny Metal Platform twin BedThe twin platform bed stands out due to several features. With the metal bed, my daughter finds it easy to enjoy sleep to the fullest. Black frame design avoids cases where it can develop a lot of stains.

The platform bed comes with a slat kit to assure you great performance. There is no need for box spring; I find it easy to use it in my daily applications. Since I bought the bed, it has served very well.

The bed comes in a unique design to work well in kids and guest room. My daughter loves the bed due to the attractive design.

It requires some form of assembly. I love the fact that it is a complete bed set which assures me a great performance. It comes with a headboard, footboard and the slats.

It is a highly durable bed which stands out from the rest. With features such as the complete bed set, I find it a great addition to my home.

Features & Pros:

  • Two-time finish
  • Metal platform
  • Complete bed set
  • Sleek design


  • Two-person assembly

5. DHP Metal Carriage Bed

DHP Metal Carriage BedIt is a metal carriage bed. With the fairy tale bed design, I have been using it in my home, and it has never let me down. Use of shabby chic style, it is a bed which stands out from the rest.

With the metal finish, it is a bed which stays strong. I’m careful when buying beds, the twin bed for girl stands out. There is the option to install sheer curtains so that the girl can enjoy a comfortable sleep.

The sheer curtains avoid the nuisance of flies. The bed accommodates twin size mattress. To achieve the best set up, the bed requires a box spring. The box spring is available online, making it easy to have all the necessary items for the girl to start enjoying a good sleep.

Features & Pros:

  • Metal finish
  • Attractive design
  • Supports sheer curtains
  • Accommodates standard mattress


  • Requires box spring

6. DHP Janford Upholstered Bed

DHP Janford Upholstered BedIt is an upholstery bed which comes in a chic design. My daughter loves the chic design, and it motivated me to buy the bed. She has loved it a lot. Use of grey linen and faux leather in making the bed makes it highly reliable.

It is among the best twin bed for a girl that comes with all the necessary features to make the daughter enjoy a good sleep. The headboard offers essential comfort as the girl sleeps.

Use of sturdy wood and the metal frame construction makes the bed very durable. Legs are gentle to offer the necessary comfort and support. Quick assembly makes the bed stand out.

It is a bed I can highly recommend due to the excellent construction. The comfortable back support on the bed makes it stand out. My girl enjoys each night sleep due to suitable support.

Features & Pros:

  • Chic upholstery
  • Headboard for comfort
  • Sturdy wood and metal frame
  • Black faux


  • Requires assembly

7. TEMMER Reinforced Metal Bed

TEMMER Reinforced Metal BedThe reinforced metal bed frame stands out. Solid metal slats make the bed stand out. Single mattress base and the metal tube make the bed highly comfortable.

Before buying any metal bed, I take time to assess its durability. The bed frame is highly durable. With features such as the solid metal construction, it stands out as a highly durable metal bed for my girl.

Easy assembly saves me on time. The frame is of the highest quality. I was careful to check on the frame and other features on the bed. I can’t regret buying the bed. It is among few beds built to assure me value for money. Space-saving design makes it a great addition to my home. My girl enjoys sleeping on the bed due to its great comfort.

Features & Pros:

  • Solid metal construction
  • Easy assembly
  • High quality frame
  • Space-saving


  • Only a 5-year warranty

8. Mecor Twin Size Bed Frame

Mecor Twin Size Bed FrameThe twin bed for a girl comes with faux leather making it easy to clean. With the bonded upholstery, it is an easy to care bed. With the easy assembly, there is no need for a box spring.

Features such as the luxury soft leather upholstery make it safe and comfortable for girls. Middle metal support bar and the extra legs allow for easy adjustment. Each time a girl relaxes on the bed, she achieves the highest level of comfort.

Easy to assemble design makes the bed stands out. All the necessary detail on how to install are available, I just watch the installation video and assemble the bed. It is a comfortable bed which works very well in daily applications.

Features & Pros:

  • Luxury soft faux leather
  • Middle metal support bar
  • Does not require box spring
  • Mattress sold separately


  • Requires technical assembly

9. Zinus Florence Metal Platform Bed

Zinus Florence Metal Platform BedWith the metal platform, you will realize the best experience as you spread the bed. Since I bought the bed, my girl enjoys sleeping. Sturdy steel frame structure prevents sagging and the deformation of the mattress. With up to 10 inch clearance, it is a comfortable bed for my girl.

It is a comfortable bed which works very well for my girl. I can’t complain since I bought the bed. I highly recommend it to anybody looking to realize the best relaxation.

Features & Pros:

  • 12-inch high profile
  • Strong steel frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable bed


  • Mattress sold separately

10. Harper&Bright Designs Wood Twin Bed Frame

HarperBright Designs Wood Twin Bed FrameThe wooden twin bed stands out in several ways. I decided to buy it for my girl, and it has never let her down. With the headboard and the footboard, the bed stands out.

No need of a box spring, the bed comes in a durable and safe design.
With the wood bed frame, my girl enjoys excellent comfort as she sleeps on the bed. The easy to assemble design saves on time. Solid wood bed frame makes it highly durable.

Features & Pros:

  • Comes with headboard and footboard
  • Easy to assemble
  • 10 inches clearance
  • Fine finish


  • Wooden bed frame

Twin bed for a girl buying guide

There are several things you need to check out before you can proceed to buy a twin bed for a girl. Here are some of the features to check out:

Strong steel frame

For your girl to enjoy the end without fear of breaking it, it should have a durable frame. Consider steel or metallic frames, and they will assure you value for money in the long run. There are some wooden bed frames, but they will not surpass the durability of wood frames.

Fine finish

Your girl would like to have a bed which looks attractive. Check on the design of the bed before buying. Girls prefer chic looking beds. Ensure the bed is attractive enough to allow the girl to enjoy staying in her room. There are some designs which come with sheer curtains, you can buy such a bed, and it will work well for your girl.

Comfortable bed

The bed should be comfortable. Check on the upholstery among other comfort features. A bed with rail guards will make it easy for the girl to enjoy great comfort and avoid the risk of falling. Ensure the upholstery is comfortable enough to meet the needs of your girl.

What are the measurements of a twin bed for a girl?
The bed can measure 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. You need to check on the measurements before you can buy the mattress for the bed.

Do all twin beds for girls require mattresses?
No, there are some bed platforms which come with inbuilt mattresses. You can buy such beds, and they will avoid you the trouble of having to buy a separate mattress.

At what age can my daughter use a twin bed for a girl?
The twin beds can serve girls from age 4 up to 18 years. It is a bed you can buy and have in your girl’s room, and it will serve her almost the entire time she will be in your home.

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