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Can You Keep A Lawn Mower Outside?

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Can You Keep A Lawn Mower OutsideYou may be wondering whether keeping your mower outside is ideal. There are several factors which determine whether leaving the mower out is necessary. First, is your neighborhood safe? If there are incidences of theft in your area and a fence does not secure your backyard, then you risk walking up to get your mower has disappeared into thin air.

If your mower is big and the neighborhood is secure, then you can decide to keep the mower outside. It is a cheap option because you will not have to construct structures so that you can store the mower. Apart from the security issues, you need to ensure your mower is protected against the agents of weather.

Buying a durable cover tarp can play a significant role in preserving the mower against agents of weather, which can lead to its damage. Can you keep a lawn mower outside? Yes, provided you have the right accessories.

Preparing a Lawn Mower for Outside Storage

Buy a Cover Tarp

There are several things you need to do in your preparation for the outdoor lawn mower storage. First, you need to look for a durable cover tarp which will prevent agents of weather from damaging your mower. For example, you need to ensure the mower is protected against, which can lead to corrosion of its parts. Too much heat can as well damage the battery among other parts of the lawn mower.

If you intend to store your lawnmower outside, then you need to start by investing in the right cover tarp. There are several manufacturers out there; you need to research thoroughly so that you can locate the right sellers and order. Each time you leave your mower outside, you need to ensure it is well covered to avoid cases where the agents of weather can lead to damage to your mower.

Build a raised platform

If you can let the mower rest on the ground, rainwater can flood the area leading to damage of your mower parts. You need to build a raised platform. It can be a temporary platform made out of arranged timber or blocks. The main aim is to ensure the platform is raised enough to avoid cases where rainwater can come into contact with the mower parts. If you can apply the right tips when building the raised platform, it will keep your mower at the right distance, which prolongs the lifespan of the mower.

Disconnect batteries and plugs for long time storage

You can as well store your lawn mower for an extended period outside. In such a case, you need to prepare the mower well for the extended period storage. For instance, you need to ensure you disconnect the batteries so that they mower can stay for long without the risk of damaging the battery. The plugs’ should be removed as well to avoid cases where the engine can end up being affected due to accidental firing. Remember, there are kinds which may be curious to try the machine when it is stored outside.

Why people prefer keeping the mower outside

Cheap option

There are several reasons why people prefer storing mowers outside. First, it is an affordable option. If you are looking for an economical option when storing the lawn mowers, then you may prefer storing the mower outside.

When you keep the mower out, you will not have to incur the experiences of having to build structures. You will only buy a tarp which will cost a few dollars and cover the mower well. If you are looking for ways you can save money when storing your lawnmower, then the best option to go about it is to store outside. It involves fewer expenses.

Convenient for large mowers

There are some large mowers such as the rides on types which can occupy a lot of space. Instead of trying to squeeze them into your basement, you can decide to store them outside. You only have to buy a cover which can accommodate them, and you will easily store them outside. It is a simple storage option which can save you money in the long run. It even becomes easy when trying to get the large mower out of the storage space if you opt to store it outside. It does not matter the size of your lawn mower; you can always find a place to store it outside.

Easy to handle for short period storage

For overweight storage where the next day, you would like to resume the grass cutting process, then storing the mower outside can be a great move. You will not have to struggle in getting it out of the storage yard if it is a big mower. You will quickly get it to do the job as soon as you need it.

Why not?

Tripping accidents

Can you keep a lawn mower outside? There are two answers to the question. It can be a good or bad decision. For instance, if you have a small space out, then you may have to squeeze it somewhere near paths. It will pose the risk of tripping accidents where unsuspecting people will pass near the mower and trip. As a way of preventing tripping accidents, you need to choose a place where the mower will not obstruct people as they pass near it.

The mower can be stolen

There is the risk of your mower getting stolen. If you have bought an expensive mower, then storing it outside can be risky. There will come a time when nobody will be left at home, and the thieves will take advantage of such an incident. To avoid cases where your mower can be stolen, which can lead to losses, you may have to store it in a secure place.

Risk of moisture

Outside there are high chances of humidity affecting the mower. To keep the mower in good working condition, you need to store it in a place where it will not come into contact with moisture. Ensure you store the mower in a place where it will not come into contact with moisture so that you can prolong its lifespan. Too much humidity can lead to rusting of different parts on your mower. The rust can lead to lowering the quality of your mower.

Pests can attack the mower

There is a risk of pests attacking the mower. You may wonder how. But it is possible. There are plastic parts on your mower which can be affected.
In some cases, the mowers will find their way into the air filters and damage them. It is an issue you can deal with if you can invest in the right protection against the pests. There are several things you can do to get everything working. For example, you can decide to invest in pest repellents so that the deck can be free from pests.


What is the best way to store a lawn mower?

It’s crucial you store your mower in a cool, dry place. The spot needs to be protected, such as a garage or a garden shed. Remember to never to it next to a water heater, furnace, or any appliance with a pilot light.

What happens if you leave a lawn mower out in the rain?

Moisture is one anermy that can cause frustrations while you try to start your gas-powered mower. If moisture gets into the mower’s carburetor, air intake ports, or even in the spark plug chamber, it prevents combustion. It that case, the mower’s engine won’t start.

Another thing, if your mower stays outdoor and gets rained long enough, the mower engine oil and fuel will get contaminated, requiring replacement. What’s more, the moisture can trigger rust and corrosion.

For an electric mower, getting it rained on can cause electrocution next time you start it, and the results can be damaging.

Can you store a lawn mower in a shed?

Yes, you can. However, you need to make sure it’s a dry, protected spot, you will be dealing with carburetor problems. If the place is not well protected from moisture, the carburetor’s fuel might gum up and potentially cause rust, thus reducing the performance.

Final Verdict:

Can you keep a lawn mower outside? Yes, you can, provided you take the necessary measures. There are both the advantages and disadvantages of storing the mower out. You need to weigh both the benefits as well as the disadvantages of storing the mower outside before you make your final decision.

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