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Chop Saw vs. Miter Saw – Understand the Variance and Pick the Perfect One 

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Chop Saw vs. Miter SawChop saws and miter saws are like twin brothers, similar in many aspects but not the same actually. People get confused about them because of their similarity and face troubles to pick up the right one that will fit their need.

If you review these two products at the same time their difference and similarity (both in appearance and function) will be clearer to you. And that is why we are here to make the obscure difference obvious between these two cutting tools.

You can understand the difference between chop saw vs. miter saw easily and quickly if you have a clear idea about their definition. That is why we will start from the basic so that once you read this article, the whole thing becomes completely clear to you for a lifetime. And you’d wish to research on DIY Tool Expert website to find the best saws that fulfill your requirement.

What is Chop Saw?

Chop saw, also called cut off saw is a cutting tool of simple design that is driven by the energy of power and can make a straight cut in a precise manner through the working objects.

What is Miter Saw?

Miter saw is also a cutting tool of complex design that is driven by the energy of power and can make crosscuts in a precise manner through the working objects. 

Blade Type

The main part of a cutting tool is its blade. People become confused with these two saws firstly with the shape of the blade since both saws use a circular shaped blade. 

Secondly, they become confused with the installation of the blade. In both cases, the blade is mounted on a hinged arm, and they also have a stationary base in common for supporting the workpiece.

Chop Saw vs. Miter Saw 2

But the two blades move in a different style during working. Whereas the shaft or swing arm of chop saw can move only up and down, the shaft or swing arm of miter saw can swivel besides moving up and down. 

You will notice a significant difference in the size of a blade of these two saws. Generally, a chop saw has a blade of 14-inch diameter. Some chop saws that are used for the massive industrial purpose have a larger blade than this conventional size. 


Although at first glance, both of these saws will look alike if you observe them with a little concentration, you will find out their difference.

Blade and motor installed in a chop saw are larger in size compared to the miter saw. It also has an abrasive disc for performing the cutting operation.

On the other hand, miter saw has cutting teeth in its blade that is covered with a blade guard. It uses a laser guide to ensure a precision cutting position. To lock small-sized workpiece firmly during cutting operation, there is a safety clamp in the miter saw. 

Miter saw comes with a dust collecting bag and a miter index. To cut objects at various angles, the user can change the angle of the blade by adjusting the miter index. 

Cutting Style

Since the shaft of the chop saw can bring the blade only down to the workpiece, you can cut workpiece at only 90-degree angle. So you can understand that it does not offer versatility in cutting.

Chop Saw vs. Miter Saw

The swiveling arm of miter saw offers versatility in cutting operation. You can cut the object at different angles, including the perpendicular angle.


Though chop saws are simple in design and perform the simple cutting operation, they are very powerful tools. To cut objects like large sheets of metal, concrete and large wood piece chop saws are used to a large extent. 

They are used mostly for industrial and constructional purposes, but small sizes of chop saws are also available used by DIY enthusiasts. 

Miter saws are used for small-scale work, were making a precise, neat finish cut is the main priority. For example – you can use a miter saw for furniture making, carpentry projects related to crown molding and baseboards.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chop Saw

Let’s start with good i.e., advantages-

  • For large objects, a chop saw is the best option.
  • One can cut large objects within a comparatively short time with a chop saw as it offers its users easy lumber feed. 

You may face the following difficulties if you use chop saw-

  • Since chop saws are mighty, they are difficult to control.
  • They do not offer any versatility in cutting operation.
  • Risk of the occurrence accident is comparatively higher in a chop saw.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Miter Saw

You can enjoy the following advantages if you use a miter saw as a cutting tool-

  • You can cut objects at various angles with the aid of a miter saw. 
  • For making precise and neat finish cut miter saw is the perfect tool.
  • The possibility of risks is comparatively lower than a chop saw.

Users of the miter saw generally face the following problems with this saw:

  • It cannot cut large metal objects.
  • It is overqualified for making simple cuts.


Price is one of the most important parameters you can never ignore. Though both of these saws are available at different price rates, generally a chop saw is less expensive than a miter saw. 


Hope we are able to make the obscure difference obvious between the chop saw and miter saw as promised at the outset of this article. So, now it is time for you to make a list of your need and find out which saw is compatible with your need. 

If you are eager to know our suggestion, then we will suggest you choose the miter saw if you are intended to use it for small-scale projects. But if your project is a large scale, it will be wise to choose the chop saw. 

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