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Do I Need To Winterize My Lawn Mower?

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Do I Need To Winterize My Lawn MowerWinterizing a lawn mower refers to the process of getting the mower ready for the winter period. You need to keep the mower in a condition which will not pose damage to the machine during storage. Remember during winter; you will not use the mower because the lawn in most case is covered with snow.

Under such circumstances, you need to store your mower safely and wait for spring when you will get the mower out and start cutting grass. There are simple steps you can follow to get the mower ready for winter. Each model of a lawn mower comes with a user manual which you can follow.

For the case of battery powered, you will have to charge the battery fully and remove it from the mower and store it well. A gas-powered mower will require you to remove all the fuel before you can proceed to save it. Do I need to winterize my lawn mower? Yes, you need to winterize the lawn mower.

Here are some of the reasons why you should winterize the mower:

1. Avoids damage to the lawn mower battery

If you have a battery powered mower, then you need to keep the battery in good working condition. The winter period is extended; hence you will have to ensure the battery is taken good care. Your mower battery can quickly degrade if you expose it to poor conditions during winter.

To keep the mower in good working condition, you need to charge the battery fully them remove it from the mower. It is necessary to remove it from the mower because when it is still connected, it will end up being depleted without your notice, which can make the mower battery fail. It is an expense you can avoid if you can remove the battery from the mower then store it in a dry place. Proper care of the battery will save you money the next grass cutting season.

2. Prolongs the lifespan of the mower

Winterizing the mower refers to keeping the mower in good shape for the extended period storage over the cold season. You avoid damage to the mower if you can prepare it well for winter. You need to take every step necessary to keep the mower running for long. Using the right winterizing guidelines will get your specific type of mower ready for winter. For example, for the case of gas powered, you will have to remove all the gas from the engine so that you can avoid damage to the engine over the winter.

Remember when gas is left in the engine, it can degrade which will cause problems to your gas engine. To make the engine run smoothly after winter is over, you need to ensure the winterizing process is undertaken before you store the lawn mower. Following the simple steps to winterize the mower will make you save money in the long run.

3. Making the mower ready when you need it

After winter you will need the mower ready. It will be to your disappoint if you can try to start the mower and it ends up producing a unique sound, or it fails to start. As a way of making the mower stay ready for the grass cutting session, you need to ensure you apply the right winterizing steps. After winter is over, you will replace the battery, and the mower will be ready to cut grass. For the case of gas powered, if you had used a stabilizer, it would become straightforward for you to get the mower ready for the grass cutting sessions.

If you would like to sell your mower, you need to keep it in good condition. The process of winterizing the mower keeps it in good condition, which is necessary for ensuring you can quickly run the mower. You should always take the required steps and ensure your lawn mower is ready for winter before you store it. It is a simple process which will save you a lot of time in the long run.

4. Alcohol in the fuel can dissolve plastic and rubber parts

Do I need to winterize my lawn mower? Yes, the fuel in the mower sometimes can degrade, leading to dissolving of the plastic parts. There are different types of fuels used to run lawn mowers. For instance, there are some alcohol-based fuels which are known to degrade if left for an extended period without use. If your mower runs on such type of fuel, then it is essential for you to ensure you winterize the mower before you leave it for winter.

It is a simple process you can take advantage, but it will keep your mower running for long. Some people ignore the process, and they end up buying expensive repair parts or even have to purchase new lawn mowers after each winter. Proper care is always necessary to keep your mower in good running condition.

5. Maintaining mower performance

Many people would like to operate mowers which are in good shape hence making them accomplish their projects fast. To achieve the services fast, you need to invest in the right lawn mower. You will always achieve excellent performance if you can keep the mower in good shape.

Always take time and assess the condition of your mower after each grass cutting session. During winter, you need to winterize the mower and let it rest while in good form. The next grass cutting period you will have a mower which is running at its optimum.

6. Prevents corrosion on the blades

During mower winterizing session you will have to touch on different parts of the lawn mower. You should as well check on the blades. Instead of letting the blades rust, you need to apply rust prevention measures such as oiling them during the winterizing session.

It is a quick fix you can use to the blades, but it will keep your lawn mower running for long which is very necessary if you are looking for a way you can prolong the performance of your lawn mower. When the blades on your lawnmower rust, they tend to lower the performance of your mower. Potential buyers will be reluctant to buy your mower if they notice the blades are rusting.

7. Save money on repair costs

If you ignore to winterize your lawn mower, then you will be at risk of incurring a lot of expenses when repairing the mower. For instance, failure to carry out proper mower winterizing can lead to buying new batteries. If it is a gas powered mower, you will end up damaging the engine which will need replacement. The cost of getting your lawn mower into the right form so that it can continue cutting grass can be hectic. To save on cost, you need to winterize your mower before you store it over winter.

Do I need to winterize my lawn mower? You should always ensure you winterize the mower. It will avoid you a lot of stress when trying to get it back into service. There are simple steps you need to follow and get the lawn mower ready for winter. You can always follow the simple steps.

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