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Five Security Essentials Every House Needs

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Home security essentialsDue to the increased security threats, people are concerned about securing their properties and especially their houses with the help of advanced technologies. Security appliances have become a must-have for every household. From cameras to fire alarms and simple door locks to remote control locks; it seems as though one level of security isn’t enough. With the crime rate increasing and crime shows, bringing horrible news to everyone’s doorstep, we have become a world of paranoid people. Security measures are the only way to keep the people you love safe, and that is why in neighborhoods with better security measures, we can see the crime rate plummet. If you aren’t a tech geek and have no idea where to get started, then we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for information about security devices that can increase the level of security at your house, then you’ve come to the right place. Here mentioned below are five security essentials for everyone to have at their home.

1. Intruder alarm:

Alarm systems are designed to notify you about intrusion or breach. Intruder alarms let the person know when someone else touches your door lock or tries to intrude your home in your absence. It sends you a notification on your smartphone that someone has attempted to enter your place in your absence. This security feature has no doubt many benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. One of which is that you will get notifications in your absence even if you know who is coming around.

2. Security Cameras:

A security camera is the most necessary and foremost thing to install for the sake of your own home’s security. You should know about the different kinds of cameras and where they should be installed. While there is a wide range of cameras available for both indoor and outdoor security, you should choose the one that suits you best.

Home Security Camera

Different cameras are designed for different levels of security, and your choice should depend on your location. Keep in mind the availability of wi-fi, electricity, weather conditions etc. while buying a security camera, try not to be tempted by additional features, such as temperature sensitivity and communicating systems, if you think you can function without them, try not to spend extra money on it. Pick and choose which features you can compromise on and which are absolute essentials. You will find a different range within each feature too, try to know as much as you can before you make a final decision.

3. Door-Bell Cameras:

Door-bell cameras let the owner see the person standing outside their door or gate either on their smartphone or their smart TV. It not only saves your time of getting up and going out to open the door to see who has rung the bell but also helps you stay safe in case of any threat or danger outside the door like thieves or robbers. Their highest resolution of these cameras is 1080, and lowest is of 480 etc.

The door-bell cameras also have introduced a two-way speaking or inter-com system if in case you cannot get up and go to the door quickly. The updates like motion detection, night vision, audio features and cloud storage have been made in the past decade in this field. They can auto adjust the range of light in recorded videos or audios. Door-bell locks not only save your time but also make also provides a sense of security and protection to your family members.

4. Automated Lightning:

It is yet another advanced and essential feature of security for a house to have in. The automated lights are types of lights that adjust their intensity according to the brightness or light already present in the room. You can set timers on your smart devices to turn on the lights and turn them off on a certain time as well. This is bound to save you a lot of time, as you won’t have to roam about the house turning off all the extra lights. As they are automated you can manage the lights even if you aren’t home. This can make the intruder think that there might be someone at home .The automated lights have a lot of security features among which is that they detect the slight movement before turning on in places like driveway, property corner and safe etc.

 5. Home safes

No matter how many external levels of security you may have, it is essential to have indoor security, and home safes are the best thing that you can go for. While most of us keep our valuables in a locker, some of our things of regular use such as everyday Jewellery and essential documents are often kept at home. Having a safe will make sure that such things are kept safe and away from prying eyes. Remember that security should not be compromised on, you should be practical, if you hardly have a few things at home; make a rational decision while investing in a home safe. Buy something that suits your needs and is better for your house rather than going for something expensive. Once you find the right safe, you should spare no expense. If you’re considering this option and can’t manage to find a decent safe, Click here to check our safe home recommendations.

Safe Home Guide

If you’ve gone through the above-mentioned security essentials, you now have a better idea to ensure the quality of your household security. Remember not to hold back while spending on security, while splurging isn’t what is required, you should make well-informed decisions according to your needs. You can install the items mentioned above, but certain things should be kept in mind. Due to the fact that you aren’t a professional, you can determine certain angles and shortcoming that self-installation might lead too. As you’re already spending a reasonable amount of security products, you should get installation teams to get the job done correctly. If you think there are other security essentials that every house needs, feel free to mention in the comments below.

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  • Excellent list Shamim! I would just add a note on sensors. It’s well worth it to get driveway and window alarms as well. Keep all points of entry monitored.

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