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How Long Should A Lawn Mower Last?

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How long should a lawn mower lastThere reaches a time when repairing the lawn mower is more expensive than buying a new one. It is a period where the mower has served for its lifespan. You may be wondering on how long a lawn mower should last. It depends on several factors. First, the durability of the mower matters a lot. There are some mowers made out of durable parts hence can last long while others can fail after a short while.

Typically, a regular mower has a lifespan of between 8 to 10 years. Always ensure you make the right decision when buying a lawnmower. There are others which are gas powered, electrical powered, ride on, and push behind. The different types of lawn mowers in the market can last for different durations. It is upon you to check on the durability of the different lawn mowers available in the market before you proceed to order.

How long should a lawn mower last?

An average of ten years is the precise answer. Although the mowers can serve for up to ten years, the care and the applications you expose the mowers matters a lot. If you are a person who takes good care of your lawn mower, then it can serve you even longer then the ten years which the mowers serve on average. There are also cases where you may have seen lawn mowers fail after a short while.

Lawn owners vary, there are those who have large lawns and small mowers hence end up putting more stress on the mowers. If you have a large yard, you need to buy a powerful mower which can assure you the best performance. There are also good care practices which you can employ the keep your mower last long. Here are some of the things you need to do so that you can prolong the lifespan of your lawn mower:

Change the engine oil regularly

For gas-powered lawn mowers such as most rides on mowers, you need to check the oil regularly. Ensure you change the oil as recommended by the manufacturers. If you can ignore the simple aspect of an oil change on your mower, it will expose the engine to tear and wear, which will make it cease after a short while. Always use the recommended engine oil on your mower to prolong its lifespan. The process of changing engine oil on your mower is straightforward, always follow the recommendations on the user manual, and you will quickly change the engine oil.

Clean and change air filter accordingly

You need to make a habit of inspecting the air filters regularly. After you check on the air filter, you need to change it if it has clogged. Some users forget to change the air filters which make the engine struggle to burn fuel hence leading to its short life span.

You should as well consider cleaning or replacing the fuel filter if your mower has one. With the filters which are working well, you increase chances of your lawn mower even serving more than its expected life. Always follow the provided guidelines on your mower manual to get everything right when replacing the air filters as well as the oil filters.

Drain the fuel before winter storage

Over winter, your lawn mower will not be in use. You need to drain it and let it stay dry over the period. When fuel is left in the mower over the long period, it can degrade leading to engine failure in the next mowing period. Apart from draining the engine oil, you can as well add a fuel stabilizer so that your mower can stay in good condition ready for the next mowing period.

Sharpen mower blades

You will still cut grass even if you do not sharpen the blades. The quality of cuts will matter here. With blunt blades, they will beat grass to death instead of cutting them. You need to sharpen the mower regularly so that you can increase its lifespan. A blunt blade will as well exert a lot of stress on the mower, which will lead to overworking the engine and other parts hence leading to the short mower span.

Keep the drive belts in good form

On a riding mower, you will have drive belts and other moving parts such as chains. You need to keep them in good condition by tightening them tot eh right tension. When the drive belts are set at the correct tension, they will tend to run effectively, which will make the lawn mower serve for long.

You can quickly know whether the belts need tightening after listening to the noise produced as they move. Proper adjustment of the mowers will keep them running at the best condition which will prevent any damage.

Clean and change the spark plugs regularly

Mower spark plugs should be in good condition to preserve the engine. In your regular maintenance, you need to inspect the spark plugs and ensure they are in good working condition. If they have developed issues, you need to order replacement spark plugs and have them replaced. With proper care of the lawn mower, you can be sure of realizing value for your money because the mowers will serve you for long till you achieve value for money in the long run.

Prevent the deck from rusting

As the deck cuts grass, it keeps on coming into contact with moisture. The grass chips will end up getting stuck on the underside, which can lead to corrosion of the deck. You need to clean the bottom and avoid any clogs which can lead to corrosion of the deck.

Use a spray lubricant to prevent grass chips build up on the under the deck so that your mower can last long. You need to clean the under deck after each use so that you can store the mower when the under the deck is dry.

Lubricate all moving parts

There are different moving parts on your mower which need lubrication. You need to lubricate them regularly so that you can keep the mower running at its optimum. If there is some form of tightening required, you need to tighten the mowers accordingly so that you can realize the best performance at all times.

Remove debris and rocks from the lawn before you start mowing

It is a simple tip which can prolong the lifespan of your mower. There are rocks and other debris which can pose a danger to your mower if you insist on mowing on the lawn while they are there. To keep the mower in good shape, you need to remove the debris before you start cutting grass. Make it a habit to scout the area you are about to cut grass and remove any hidden large particles such as hard rocks and metals so that you can prevent any damage to the mowers.

With the simple tips I have outlined here, you can be sure of prolonging the lifespan of your mower. Some lawn mower owners have even recorded one and half times the average lifespan of the lawn mowers after employing the right care tips.

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