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How to Take Care of a Mower in The Winter

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How long should a lawn mower lastDuring winter there is extreme cold and mowers are idle in most of the time. The snow-covered lawn does not require mowing; hence, you need to put the mower into rest till spring or summer. The way you store the mower can determine whether it will be up and running during the grass growing season or not.

First, you need to winterize the lawn mower to prevent damage to parts during the cold season. There are several places where you can store the mower. Others prefer storing it in the basement while others will prefer having the lawn mower in the storage structure.

It does not matter where you would like to save the mower; you need to prepare it so that it can survive the winter season. You should not worry about how to take care of a mower in the winter; I’m going to explain everything in this article:

Tips To Take Care of a Mower in The Winter

1. Remove the battery

You should not let the battery stay in the mower for the whole winter season. Your first step in preparing the mower for winter storage involves removing the battery. After you remove the battery, you need to store the battery well.

This applies to battery powered mowers because there are some units which are gas powered hence do not need the battery. The battery should be stored in a dry and cool place. The battery should be stored away from gas cans, furnaces, and water heaters. Before storing the battery, wipe it with a dry cloth to avoid any liquids which can lead to damage to the battery during the storage season.

2. Clean the lawn mower before storage

There are different parts of the lawn mower, which requires cleaning. For instance, you need to clean the hose and the cutting deck. Ensure you remove all mud and leaves which may have collected on the mower during use. If there is debris stuck under the mower, you need to use a stick to clear them and spray the underside with clean water. Ensure you take necessary care before tipping off a gas powered mower.

3. Adding stabilized fuel

If you have a gas powered mower, then you need to use a gas stabilizing agent. Gas will start to degrade after a month of storage. It can lead to engine failure if the issue is not addressed. Use fuel stabilizers recommended on the user manual and you will avoid damage to your lawn mower engine during the storage period.

After you add the fuel stabilizer, you need to run the mower for few minutes to get the stabilized fuel run to all parts of the engine. The stabilizer can keep the fuel stable for up to a year, which will prevent any damage to your lawnmower engine.

4. Choose the right storage space

For the best results, when storing your mower during winter, you need to save the lawnmower in a dry place. The place should be protected from the rain. An ideal place to store the lawn mower for the winter period should be under a garden shed, or any space in your home provided it is under a roof, and it is away from water heaters, furnace or appliances with pilot lights.

Tips To Take Extra Care of a mower in the Winter

1. Take the lawn mower to the repair shop for winter preparation

If you do not prefer to handle the job, you can take the mower to your nearest mower care shop, and the experts will prepare the mower for the coming winter. They will check on different parts and winterize the mower professionally so that you can easily store it for the entire winter period. You can as well do it yourself by following the tips I have listed below:

2. Check the air filters

Your mower comes with instructions on how to check and even replace the air filters. You need to disassemble the air filters and check them for any clogs. If they are clogged, you can clean them before you store them for winter. Remember if there are fine particles on the air filters, they may attract moisture hence preventing the start of your mower during spring. It is a natural process you can follow as a way of preparing your mower for winter.

3. Remove debris around the mechanical parts

There is some debris which will form around the moving parts of your lawn mower. You need to remove such debris before you store the mower over winter. They can end up destroying the moving parts if left over the winter. A simple brushing application and clean water can help you remove the debris from the moving parts of your mower before you proceed to store it over the winter.

4. Tighten the fasteners as required

Your mower has been under extensive use during summer and fall; you need to make sure it is in good shape before you can store it over the winter. Ensure you tighten all the fasteners on your mower so that it can stop producing the noise as you store it over the winter.

5. Repaint any chipped paint

As you keep the mower busy cutting grass, there are some weeds or chippings which will scratch the paint. You need to keep the paint intact so that your mower can work well during the next grass cutting season.

To keep the mower in good condition and avoid any further corrosion, you may have to repair the surfaces which have chipped paint. There is paint suppliers near you, order and repaint the surfaces. You can as well ask your nearest painter to apply the paint.

6. Charge the battery before you store it

If your mower runs on battery power, you need to save the battery well over the winter. Charge the battery fully then remove it from the mower for the proper storage. The battery should be stored on a dry place away from possible water spills. Always follow the instructions provided on your user manual on how to remove the battery.

7. Fuel system maintenance

You need to keep the fuel system in goof d shape before you proceed to store the mower over winter. For instance, you need to drain the fuel tank then start the motor till it stops. The process leads to complete draining of the fuel tank, which puts the mower in the right condition for long period storage. Another option you can apply to keep the fuel system in good shape ready for storage is through the use of the stabilizer.

8. Piston care

For the case of two-cycle lawn mower, you need to start by pulling the starter rope until there is some form of resistance. It is necessary to pull the rope then release it slowly so that it can close the intake and the exhaust ports. Closing the ports prevents corrosion as the mower is stored for winter.

The above are simple steps you can take to store the mower in the perfect condition during winter. You should as well ensure you lubricate the mower well before storing it over the winter period. The process on How to take care of a mower in the winter should not stress you; it is an easy task you can accomplish.

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