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Small Vacuum Cleaners for Laptop Keyboards (for 2021)

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Small Vacuum Cleaner for Laptop Keyboards 01There are times when laptop keyboards clog with dirt. What do you do under such circumstances? You may try wiping, but the dust will not get out of the tiny crevices in your laptop keyboard.

You should not worry because there are small vacuum cleaners for laptop keyboards which work very well in removing the dirt. You need to buy one of the vacuums, and you will always realize the best results when trying to clean the keyboards so that you can achieve the best performance.

I had to take into consideration different factors before listing for you the top products in the market. If you can follow my extensive guide, you will always buy the right product. Here are my top picks in the category of small vacuum cleaners you can apply to clean your laptop keyboard.

Top 5 best small vacuum cleaners for laptop keyboards

1. Yesurprise Portable Vacuum

Yesurprise Portable VacuumI had to check on different features before listing the vacuum cleaner in my list of top keyboard vacuum cleaners. With an adorable carton beetle ladybug, it is an exciting vacuum to have in your home. It works very well in removing dirt from your laptop keyboard.

I have been applying the vacuum cleaner for long, and it is working very well in assuring me high performance. The mini design makes it easy for me to move it on the laptop keyboard where I realize the best performance at all times.

Strong suction makes it easy to remove fine particles from the laptop keyboard. With the extended run time, it allows me to clean the laptop keyboard for up to 30 minutes. The stylish appearance made me buy the keyboard vacuum cleaner.

So far it has served me very well. I can always recommend the vacuum cleaner to anybody looking to realize the best performance. I can still support the vacuum cleaner to anybody to achieve the best cleaning services.

Features & Pros:

  • Adorable beetle style design
  • Strong suction
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation


  • Batters not rechargeable

2. Dealsboom Keyboard Cleaner 

Dealsboom Keyboard CleanerIt is a keyboard cleaner which ash made me very proud. With the keyboard cleaner, I can easily remove dust particles from my laptop keyboard. Cordless and portable design makes it highly effective in cleaning different keyboard in my office.

I can apply it to clean piano keyboards as well. Long life and easy cleaning procedure make the vacuum cleaner among my top recommendations. The powerful suction is realized upon buying the vacuum cleaner.

Cordless and a secure charging USB port make the vacuum cleaner very reliable. With two vacuum nozzles, I can always realize the best results when applying it on different keyboards. I can easily replace the straws to achieve the best vacuuming effects. Value for money is still realized due to the grand design of the vacuum cleaner.

Features & Pros:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Powerful suction
  • Cordless and USB charging port
  • Versatile


  • Requires regular recharging

3. Dealsboom Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Dealsboom Handheld Vacuum CleanerI had to check on different features before buying the vacuum cleaner. I was attracted to the filter due to its two in one design. It can act as an electric blower as well as a vacuum cleaner.

Since I bought the tool, the process of cleaning computer keyboards in my home has been straightforward. Versatile design allows me to clean different particles from the computer keyboard. Cordless and compact design make it a reliable cleaner I can apply on different surfaces.

Extended run time allows me to clean all computer keyboards in my office before I can recharge. Quick charge and the safety features incorporated in the keyboard makes it very reliable. Protection features such as overcharge protection avoid damage to the laptop keyboard vacuum cleaner.

Features & Pros:

  • Dual purpose
  • Cordless and compact
  • Powerful operation
  • Quick charge


  • Only one year warranty

4. HONKYOB Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

HONKYOB Handheld Vacuum CleanerThe vacuum cleaner comes with different features which make it stand out. With the rechargeable computer keyboard, I can realize the best performance when cleaning different computer keyboards. I have been applying it in my office, and the results are excellent.

With a quick charging battery, I do not have to waste a lot of time when cleaning the computer keyboards. It works very well to assure me of excellent performance. Twenty minutes run time allows me to realize the best cleaning results.

Easy to empty and clean design makes the vacuum cleaner very useful. Mini size and comfortable design allow me to handle the vacuum cleaner easily. Versatile design allows for easy application of the vacuum cleaner in clearing dirt from different surfaces. Easy to empty dust cup makes the process of disposing of trash very easy.

Features & Pros:

  • Strong suction
  • Quick and convenient clean up
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Easy to empty


  • Only 20 minutes run time

5. Royal Computer Vacuums Cleaner

Royal Computer Vacuums CleanerI had to check on different factors before listing the computer keyboard vacuum among my top small vacuum cleaner for laptop keyboards. With a cordless design, I can quickly charge it via USB so that I can proceed to clean the keyboards.

Long lasting battery allows me to accomplish the cleaning process. Unlike other models, it will enable me to realize up to 50 minutes of cleaning.

Ultra long life assures me excellent performance. Fast and safe charging avoids cases where I can be exposed to the failure of the vacuum cleaner due to overcharging. I had to check on the durability of the vacuum cleaner before buying. Different parts in the vacuum cleaner make it very durable.

Features & Pros:

  • Two in one design
  • Long lasting battery
  • Ultra long life
  • Fast and safe charging


  • The filter requires regular washing

Small vacuum cleaner for laptop keyboards buying guide

There are different factors to take into consideration before buying a small vacuum cleaner for keyboard cleaning. First, check on the suction delivered by the keyboard vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum should be powerful enough to extract fine particles between the keyboards. Always take your time to assess the different vacuum cleaners in the market before you can locate the best. Here are other features to take into consideration:

Long life

You need a durable vacuum cleaner which can serve you for long. Check on the durability of the parts before you proceed to order the vacuum cleaner.

Fast charging

You do not have a lot of time to keep on waiting for the vacuum cleaner to charge. Consider a vacuum cleaner with a battery which charges fast.

Easy to the empty dust cup

Try a vacuum cleaner which is easy to use. Check on the dust cup and ensure it is an easy to use design.


How can you locate the best vacuum cleaner for the laptop keyboards?
You need to check on the vacuum design of the keyboard cleaners. Online reviews will as well make it easy for you.

How can I save money when buying a vacuum cleaner for laptop keyboards?
You can easily save money after buying from my top recommendations.

Are there safety features to consider when buying a laptop keyboard vacuum cleaner?
Yes, consider a vacuum cleaner which comes with overcharge protection features.

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