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Best Vacuum Cleaners for Roof Gutters (Review) in 2021

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Best Vacuum Cleaners for Roof GuttersYou need the best vacuum cleaner for roof gutters to clean the gutters properly. You should not worry. It is straightforward to find the best vacuum to help you clean the roof gutters.

First, you need to take into consideration the type of dirt you will remove from roof gutters. In most cases, on your roof gutters, you will find dust particles and mostly leaves from the trees near your home.

There are several vacuum cleaners out there developed to help you remove the leaves from your roof as well as removing the dust particles. I had to take into consideration different factors to list for you the best vacuum cleaners you can apply to realize the best results when removing the dirt from your gutters.

Remember it is necessary to remove the dust from the roof so that you can be left with a clean roof. Gutters free from dirt reduces clogs which enhance the roof durability.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Roof Gutters in 2021

1. Black & Decker BV3100 Vacuum

Black Decker BV3100 VacuumAfter doing a lot of research, I came across the best vacuum cleaners which work well in removing dirt from the gutters. The vacuum cleaner is highly effective in removing dust from the roof. It is highly effective in blowing leaves.

I can vacuum and mulch the leaves before collecting them using the tool. After trying the vacuum cleaner, I had to list it among my top picks. Up to 210 mph blow speed makes it highly effective in removing different particles from the roof gutters.

There are two speeds to choose from making it easy to clear different particles. The design of the heavy duty vacuuming and the mulching tool makes it very effective in reducing the size of the leaves and other particles on the roof gutters before collecting them in a bag.

My work when cleaning the roof gutters has been made very easy after the introduction of the vacuum cleaner.

Features & Pros:

  • Three in one function
  • 210 mph low speed
  • Heavy-duty vacuuming
  • Collection bag


  • 69 decibels of sound

2. Toolman Corded Electric Vacuum

Toolman Corded Electric VacuumIt is a vacuum cleaner which works very well on roofs. Apart from acting as a vacuum, it is also an effective leaf sweeper which is highly effective in removing dirt from the roof.

With heavy-duty construction, the vacuum cleaner is useful in even tackling hard jobs on my roof. Versatile design allows the vacuum cleaner to act as a sweeper as well.

Double insulation makes the leave blow very useful in cleaning different surfaces. Safety protection features in the vacuum cleaner make it very easy and reliable to operate. The cooling system ensures the motor does not overheat when working on different jobs. It is a reliable vacuum cleaner I can recommend to anybody to realize the best results.

Features & Pros:

  • Double insulation
  • Cooling System
  • 200 mph blow speed
  • Compact and portable


  • Requires running cords

3. WORX WG509 Electric Vacuum

WORX WG509 Electric VacuumI had to check on different features before buying the vacuum cleaner. With all-metal mulching system, it is among my best vacuum cleaner for roof gutters.

Three in one design saves me money in the long run. For instance, it can work as a mulching tool, vacuum cleaner, and blower. Powerful 12 amp motor makes it highly reliable in cleaning the roof.

The single-handed operation allows me to realize the best process when vacuuming the gutters. Compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable for me to carry the vacuum and reach high places.

There is no part of my gutters I cannot clean due to the lightweight design of the vacuum cleaner. Metal impeller mulches the leaves to allow for secure handling.

Features & Pros:

  • All in one design
  • Powerful 12 amp motor
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Smell free


  • Noisy

4. WORX WG510 Leaf  Vacuum

WORX WG510 Leaf VacuumIt is a powerful 12 amp electric vacuum which works very well in clearing gutters. The design of the vacuum cleaner makes it easy for me to clear all the debris.

With a dual stage metal impeller, it is highly effective in helping me remove waste from the gutters. Double stage metal impeller works very well in reducing the size of leaves for accessible collection in the bag.

Shoulder strap proved makes the process of collecting the leaves very easy. With a collection bag, I can easily handle the gutters cleaning process even on high rise gutters. Three in one design makes the vacuum cleaner a versatile tool which makes my vacuuming process very easy.

Features & Pros:

  • Three in one
  • Dual-stage metal impeller
  • Shoulder strap
  • Collection bag


  • Only a three-year warranty


BLACKDECKER BEBL7000 VacuumIt is the best vacuum cleaner for roof gutters which comes with an easy to wear backpack design. With a large capacity, it works very well in cleaning gutters.

Power boost button increases the power on demand making the vacuuming process run smoothly. I use the vacuum cleaner to clear debris from areas where dirt has been stuck in the gutters.

The zipper-free bag comes with a wide opening which allows for quick emptying. With up to 250 mph, it is a powerful vacuum cleaner which works very well in assuring me excellent performance. Reusable brushes and other accessories make the vacuum stand out.

Features & Pros:

  • Easy to wear
  • Power boost button
  • Zipper-free bag
  • Comes with accessories


  • Only 16:1 mulch ratio

Vacuum cleaner for roof gutters Buying guide

There are several issues you need to check out before you proceed to buy a vacuum cleaner for your roof gutters. For instance, you need to check on the construction of the vacuum cleaner.

It should be highly durable to assure you value for money in the long run. An easy to use vacuum cleaner will make the process of cleaning the gutters easy. Here are other factors to check out:


There are some highly versatile vacuum cleaners. For instance, they work as leaf blowers, vacuum cleaners, and mulching tools. You save money if you can buy a vacuum cleaner which combines several functions.

Compact and lightweight

You need to climb your roof to access the gutters for the cleaning process to run smoothly. It will be hard for you to achieve the best cleaning process if you do not have a lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Safety features

There are some vacuum cleaners which come with safety features. You should always insist on buying a vacuum cleaner which is safe to use. The vacuum cleaners above have safety features to make them easy for you to apply.


How can I locate the best vacuum cleaner for roof gutters?

You need to check out online reviews and buying guides. From my review of the different products, I have listed for you the best vacuum cleaners you can apply to realize the best results in your vacuuming process.

Are all vacuum cleaners for roofs versatile?

No, there are others which do not support other functions such as mulching; hence you need to check out before buying.

Can I save money when buying a vacuum cleaner for roof gutters?

Yes, choose a versatile product which is reasonably priced, and you will save money.

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  • I would recommend the Black & Decker Vacuum, I’m using this brand from almost 6 years now. It never fails me in my heavy-duty cleaning. You should buy it.

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