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What happens if you tip the lawn mower the wrong way?

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What happens if you tip the lawn mower the wrong wayHave you ever tipped your lawn mower the wrong way? If you tip a gas-powered model the wrong way, then you should be ready for disaster. There are two possible things which can happen. The mower can start producing a lot of white smoke, and its performance will be inferior. In some cases, the mower cannot start.

Battery powered models can run even if you tip them the wrong way. The issue with gas-powered mowers arises due to the flow of oil.

When you tip a gas-powered mower, there are high chances the engine oil will flow to the carbon caps after which it comes into contact with the spark plugs which leads to the production of the white smoke and even in some cases lack of engine performance. You should always follow the right steps when tipping your gas-powered lawn mower to avoid cases where you can end up damaging the lawn mower.

What happens if you tip the lawn mower the wrong way?

1. The lawn mower won’t start

There are cases where the mower cannot start if you tip it the wrong way. For instance, oil can leak into the carbon in the cap, which then leads to its way into the fuel system. When you have oil in the fuel system, it will be hard for your mower to start. Not all models. There are some models of lawnmowers with unique construction to avoid such issues. There are several reasons why you can decide to tip over your mower. For instance, you would like to sharpen the blades.

In some cases, you may prefer to tip over the mower so that you can replace the blades. Always follow the manufacturer’s user manuals when replacing the blades to avoid cases where you can end up spoiling your mower. Some of the reasons why the mower can stop working due to the wrong tipping include the following:

2. Fuel leaking into the carbon cap

Some models come with carbon caps that provide the venturing system for the fuel to burn. When you tip over the mower, the fuel can flow into the carbon cap. The presence of the fuel in the carbon cap prevents the venting system from working properly, which in effect can lead to failure of the lawn mower to run smoothly. To get your mower working, you need to let the cap dry so that it can vent well.

Fuel leaking into the carbon cap Lawn Mower

A lawnmower is burning because of fuel leaking

You can as well replace the lid with a new one so that it can provide the necessary venting mechanism for your lawn mower to perform well. There should be a balance between the fuel and the air in the fuels system for the best performance of your mower. When the balance is affected, your mower may not perform well. The imbalance can set up if you tip over the mower the wrong way. Always follow the right steps to avoid the issue because it can affect the performance of your mower to a great extent.

3. Oil moving into the breather tube

If you tip the mower the wrong way, oil can move into the breather tube. The tube should be free from oil to allow the mower to work at its optimum. If you tip the mower the wrong way, there are high chances it will leak oil into the breather tube. Under such a circumstance, then mower will not work well in filtering air. A restriction on the flow of air into the engine system can make your lawn mower fail to start.

In some cases, the mower can struggle to run, but it will produce black smoke. If you notice black smoke coming, you have no otherwise rather than replacing the air filter. Remember, the air filter should allow clean air to move in and out of the engine system. If there is a restriction, then you will notice your lawn mower behaving strangely.

4. Fuel in the carburetor leaking into the air cleaner and the engine

If you tip the lawn mower the wrong way, the fuel in the carburetor can easily leak into the air cleaner which will cause problems to the combustion system. When fuel leaks into the engine, it leads to too much fuel which the lawn mower engine cannot burn. When there is a failure to burn the fuels, the engine will not perform as you expected. The air cleaner should not be clogged to allow free movement of clean air.

If you apply oil to the air filter, then the screen will end up being clogged, which will prevent the flow of fresh air to the engine system. You need to replace the air filters if they are the main problem after tipping the mower. You can as well allow the cap to dry or even replace it so that your mower can continue working well.

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How to prevent mower failure after tipping over

1. Read the manufacturers manual

To avoid cases where your mower will fail after you tip it over, you need to follow the right steps in doing so. Your mower comes with a user manual which you should always follow to replace the blades or sharpen them. If it is a must for you to tip the mower, you should always check the user manual so that you can get the whole process right. There are a few steps you can follow to get the job done the perfect way. Always follow the instructions provided to get still the job done the right way.

2. Only tip over the lawn mower after winterizing it

In most cases, your mower will fail due to the movement of fluids to the different parts where they are not supposed. For instance, if you can winterize the mower and drain all the fluids, then you can tip it over without the risk of failure.

You can as well follow the right procedures to tip over the mower the right way, and you will not face the problems. Remember, there are different types of mowers available in the market; always follow the user manual to get the process of tipping them over right.

3. Take to your local repair shop for extensive repair

You may not like to handle the issues which come up after tipping over the lawn mower. You can avoid them if you can let an expert handle the processes which require tipping over the lawn mower. For example, if you are supposed to replace the blades, you may have to work with a professional who knows how to handle your lawn mower without exposing it to problems associated with wrong tipping of the mower.

What happens if you tip the lawn mower the wrong way? The mower can start producing white smoke with a lack of power. It can as well fail to start altogether. You should always try to apply the right measures so that you can avoid cases where the mower can be exposed to the complications. Strict following of the user’s manual makes it possible for you to get the job done the right way right from the start.


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